Bratislava City Tour

Day Trips From Bratislava

You will get a chance to familiarize oneself with our picturesque Old Town. Stroll through historical narrow squares and hear the history lessons, myths & legends…Price €80 per group
Strolling around our picturesque Old Town and walking up to our representative Bratislava castle, get the history lesson and enjoy the views… Price €95 per group
A complete Bratislava city tour with the magic Old Town, Bratislava castle and the famous secession style St. Elisabeth's church or Blue Church… Price: €120 per group
Are you interested in communist architecture? If so, then this is a tour for you! We take a complete journey into the past… Price: €35 per person
One of the youngest museums of modern art in Europe - Danubiana - took place. The River Danube has lent the museum its name… Price: €25 per person