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We are aware that this is going to be extremely important and unique holiday for you and your entire family.

There will be unique, unforgettable moments as you discover who your ancestors were, their heritage and way of life.
You might even be surprised to find that you share many interests or even physical traits. One never knows.

It's often like a puzzle game. From pieces we will put together the whole story. We are patient, persistent and experienced. We have the right strategy and we know how to search.
Nothing makes us happier than to see families reunited.

We'll do our best to organize a Family Ancestry Tour with our experienced and knowledgeable staff that will be the trip of your life time.

What is our key to a successful Slovakia Ancestry Tour?

"A mixture of our vast knowledge, experiences, a team of professional guides focused on history, University degree genealogist, patience, persistence and a little bit of LUCK.
Simply, we never give up, we'll go, we'll search and we'll find."

This is our recipe to a successful Slovakia Ancestry Tour.


STEP 1 - please provide us basic information:

- List of ancestor's names: name, surname
- Maiden's name (often helps much)
- Dates of birth, marriage and death of the relatives
- Old documents, letters and photos (if any)
- Names and contacts on people from Slovakia (if any)
- Names of villages (towns) where your ancestors lived
- Date(s) of emigration

STEP 2 – Please provide us these information for the first draft itinerary:

- Name(s) of the places you would like to visit in Slovakia
- Scheduled (non obligatory) arrival/departure date
- Length of your stay
- Group size (for possible group discounts)
- Restrictions (disabled persons, diet restrictions)

STEP 3 – And now, it is our turn - we will send to you:

- A basic, non-obligatory draft itinerary focused on Family History Tour with our ideas and suggestions what else to see - a perfect mixture of tourist highlights, hidden gems & ancestral villages / towns.

- With Price information for the genealogy research
- WIth Price information for the complete tour

- Genuine testimonials, but of course, everybody can say this. We will connect you with our previous visitors - talk to them about us.

On a tour we will visit:

- Visit of churche(s) in your village (town) - priests often have useful information
- Visit of cemetery(s) in your village (towns) - to find your ancestor's graves
- Ask the LOCALS - to get as much information as possible about your family.
We have successfully done such tours many times thanks to huge help from locals.

Send Your Request
We will reply to you within 12 hours or LESS.

You can also call us or write an email
+421 918 630 630
Family Tree Tour

Basic information

Price Information

Price offer with draft itinerary

Send Your Request
We will reply to you within 12 hours or LESS.

You can also call us or write an email
+421 918 630 630