Private One- Day Trips Across Slovakia

Day Trips From Bratislava

An oasis for Amur Tigers, has been created for nearly extinct species, also known as Ussurian tigers… Price: €45 per person
Only 15min from Bratislava Old town lies a fortress Devin with its strategic position on a cliff above confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers… Price: €29 per person
Enough of the city life and an urgent need to escape to the nature ? Come with us to the Small Carpathian and do easy walking tour… Price: €30 per person
Only an hour of driving lies a historically important Hungarian UNESCO town where once the first Benedictine monks settled here in 996… Price: €80 per person
We immerse into the fascinating world of Baroque and the beauty of Prince Eugene of Savoy’s former summer residence… Price: €45 per person
Bratislava Speed Boat on Danube river. You will really love this exciting trip on the river Danube. It starts in the harbour, continues… Price: €75 per person
Only 2hrs from Bratislava lies one of the oldest Hungarian towns – Esztergom, former capital city now the seat of the Hungarian Catholic Church… Price: €80 per person
Sightseeing by sport plane. Fly high above The Old Town and enjoy fantastic moments, afford breathtaking views of the city… Price: €350 for a plane
A beautiful half-day trip along the Small Carpathian mountains, through historical little towns, Red Stone Castle, Ceramic Factory & trying of Slovak wines… Price : €75 per person
We visit the most important cultural monument of Burgenland area. Esterházy palace - made famous by Joseph Haydn… Price: €75 per person
We take you to a romantic fairy-tale Bojnice chateau, completely reconstructed in the 19th century, the work of the last count Jan Palfy - art collector… Price starts from €75 per person
Are you interested in communist architecture? If so, then this is a tour for you! We take a complete journey into the past… Price: €35 per person
One of the most extensive European castles – Trencin risen up on massive limestone rock, forms the skyline of fashion and music town - Trencin… Price: €65 per person
One of the youngest museums of modern art in Europe - Danubiana - took place. The River Danube has lent the museum its name… Price: €30 per person
Only 75min from Bratislava, in a beautiful Carpathian mountains, high above the village lies a ruin of Cachtice castle… Have you ever heard about Elisabeth Batthory? Price: €50 per person
A lovely day trip to a magical UNESCO gem located in breathtaking hills nicknamed as a Silver town, step centuries back in time… Price starts from €75.00 per person
We drive along Small Carpathian hills until we reach Trnava – the town small in size, but rich in architectural gems and unique sacral monuments… Price: €45 per person
After 2hrs of driving, welcome to the Golden town. It was king Charles Robert in 14th century who gave privileges of free royal and mining town. A special privilege... Price: €80 per person
Only 2hours through the green countryside, rolling hills and we reach a cultural and economic centre of central Slovakia. Enjoy the Copper town and the atmosphere... Price €80 per person
Less than an hour and we are in the oldest Slovak town. The dominant standing above the town is Nitra castle built in 11th century on the site of a former Slav fort… Price: €55 per person
Taste a specialty of this region! Slovensky Grob – this little town 15min drive from Bratislava is famous for its goose, potato pancake & liver specialties… Price: €50 per person
Firstly, we stop in Hainburg, a little easternmost Austrian town just few minutes from Bratislava. Admire 13century city walls with its bastions and gates… Price: €45 per person
Less than 2hrs from Bratislava lie a World Heritage site - Wachau valley, the spectacular landscape along the Danube river... Price: €80 per person
Situated less than an hour from Bratislava in Small Carpathian hills, we can truly say it is an underground Pearl of these hills.<br/> Discovered in 1930 boasts lavish dripstone ornamentation. 450 m long track for visitors. Price: €49 per person
Only an hour from busy Bratislava is located a lovely little town Skalica, it attracts visitors with lots of interesting sights, nature and Skalica Red wine, Skalica sweet cake...