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Testimonials - year 2017

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Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica
Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica
2017-07-21 / Jaya T. / Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Hi Peter, Sorry for the late reply.. We were back to KL a week ago only. Tired exhausted but enjoyed the trip.Thank you for making our trip memorable.

Thank you Peter for taking us to Banska Stiavnica. We enjoyed the the visit to the quaint little township. Peter met us at the hotel on time. He was an excellent guide. Explained to us abt Slovakia's history and the area and views. Drive was Good. He had a great personality that one can trust him to render his services to your request. He gave us a clearer picture about Banska the one time mining town.

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Banska Stiavnica trip

Private day trip and transfer, July
Private day trip and transfer, July
2017-07-21 / June G / Australia

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your email.
Yes, a most enjoyable day today - so glad we did this tour, and lovely to have had Matej share his knowledge about the area ( and many other things) with us.

We are so pleased that we are again travelling with Matej, and especially as he knows the Tatra Mountain area so well.

Sent from my iPad

Driver-guide: Matej T.
Day 1: Private trip to Banska Stiavnica
Day 2: Transfer through Slovakia to Krakow. With a TOP guide.

11 Day Tour around Slovakia, July
11 Day Tour around Slovakia, July
2017-07-20 / Anne B. / Canada

Dear Peter and Jana,
Everything was great about the tour!

Could I have Carleen and Mike's gmail account to tell them about David please. We were very lucky that the surgery happened after the tour and not half way through. David and Michael are coming back to Canada on Saturday.

My friend tells me you showed us all we needed to see of Vienna. Thanks Anne

11 day Tour around Slovakia
Driver-guides: Peter B. and Michal R.

Private tour in Slovakia, July
Private tour in Slovakia, July
2017-07-20 / Mark O. / USA

First trip to Slovakia and first experience with Best Slovakia Tours. My daughter has taken an interest in her family heritage (her great grandfather was born in Slovakia).

Peter and Jane put together an itinerary that showed us how truly beautiful and amazing the country is and helped us track down a village where my family is from. Peter is a great guide. Extremely knowledgeable, easy going, fun and has great taste - from lodging and dining to hidden gems of history. Bratislava is magical. Banstra Stiavnica is stunning. The wooden houses of Vlkolinec. Kosice's quiet elegance. Castles. Strbske Pleso and the breathtaking majesty of the High Tatras.
And a great recommendation for our extra night in Vienna. The trip was active but restful and Peter is very collaborative in mapping out private tours. We even made a last minute change to stop in Piestany to meet the family of an AFS student we'll be hosting in the USA this upcoming school year.
We will definitely be back, and will definitely work with Peter, Jane and Best Slovakia Tours. We have more castles, more beer, more wine, more villages and more great food to experience. Thanks Best Slovakia Tours for the adventure of a lifetime!

Private tour in Slovakia, July
Private driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
All of Slovakia + Detva Folk Festival

Private Tour of Slovakia / June-July
Private Tour of Slovakia / June-July
2017-07-15 / Anne & John C. / York, UK

Dear Peter and Jana,
Thanks for making our trip to Slovakia so special. I really wanted to say ‘thank you’, dakujem to you, Jana, for the lovely meal. I’m sorry we weren’t there to help you clear up. We will be practising the courses and cooking it for our walking friends. We particularly loved the lentil soup as it is such great food for eating when we’re preparing for a walk. I loved going to the koliba with Peter and am quite taken with Slovakian pastries. You can tell by my shape that I love my food can’t you!

All the accommodation was great so thanks for your expert knowledge of hotels and restaurants, both of you. I’ll be getting around to writing a good review on Tripadvisor once I’ve gone through this pile of emails.

We got on really well with Marcel and loved his knowledge of the mountains and hills, although I was a bit of a wimp and couldn’t do everything he offered, such as cycling. (John enjoyed it though.) However, we really enjoyed rafting and walking with him. He took us to some very interesting places, such as the wooden churches and the old village with the railway.

We are so impressed with Slovakia! It seems such a go-ahead and optimistic country. So thank you again for such a memorable stay.

Love to all of you,
Anne and John Carlill

Driver-guide: Peter B. & Marcel K.

Bratislava City Tour & Castle / June
Bratislava City Tour & Castle / June
2017-07-05 / Mayte S. / Spain

Hi Jane,
Yes, we had a lovely day indeed and Daniela was just a wonderful guide.
Thanks again for all your help.
Best wishes,
Mayte S..

Tour Guide: Daniela

Private Short Tour of Slovakia / June
Private Short Tour of Slovakia / June
2017-07-02 / Lisa R. / Florida, USA

Hey guys!
We are back in the States and I was able to submit the review just now.

Thank you again for an amazing trip. Alex said Slovakia was his favorite part of our
European adventure and I’d agree!

We hope you have a great time in America. Come and call on us if you can.

Until next time,

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Short Tour of Slovakia + Hiking in High Tatras

Private Transfer & Guide services, June 2017
Private Transfer & Guide services, June 2017
2017-07-01 / Brigitte B. / LA, California, USA

Hi Peter,
Thank you for coming through and being as wonderful as the reviews I had read about you.
My favorite city was Budapest. It is a city of intrigue but then again my grandfather was born there so the visit had a deeper meaning. I thought Bratislava with you was the ultimate way to see the capital. You took us to the place (Houdini) where we had the best meal during our trip. Prague has charm but with all the tourists - it did not feel as authentic as the other cities.

Overall, the trip was wonderful and you were a part of its success.
I will write something in trip advisor. I also recommended you to my travel agent.

Have fun on your Italian vacation


Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Budapest-Bratislava, from Vienna to Prague
Lunch break in Houdini restaurant / Marrols

Private Bratislava City Tour / June
Private Bratislava City Tour / June
2017-06-26 / Jasmin G / Vienna / Austria

Dear Peter,
Thank you, she was really good and we enjoyed it :)
I already recommended you to a friend - family Schindler, which will probably contact you soon for a tour.

All the best,

Private City Tour guide: Jana T.

Cave Driny & Modra Coffe & Cake Break
Cave Driny & Modra Coffe & Cake Break
2017-06-12 / Rico / Switzerland

Dear Peter,
Thank you for the tour. The group was absolutely happy with the service, especially with you as a perfect guide.

I wish you and your family a wonderful summer.

Best wishes,

Group of 7
D-guide: Peter Blazicek

Private Day Trips to Trencin and more / May
Private Day Trips to Trencin and more / May
2017-05-31 / Cathy & Yves B. / Canada

Hi Peter!
Thank you very much for trips with us in Slovakia. It is hard to choose our favorite place but maybe it was Vlkolinec. It was such a pretty little place and we were glad you suggested it.
We really enjoyed having a private guide. It was a new experience for us and we might do that again!!

Thanks again. We enjoyed your company and your tours!
Cathy and Yves B.

Sent from my iPad

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
3x Day Trips to Trencin town, Banska Stiavnica and Vlkolinec village

Day Trip to Cachtice castle / May
Day Trip to Cachtice castle / May
2017-05-23 / Nicole H. / USA

Hello Peter,
Thanks again for taking us out! We had a great time.

Take it easy,

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Czech-Slovak Tour / May
Czech-Slovak Tour / May
2017-05-17 / Debra B. / Australia

Hi there, just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for everything you have both done in organising our tour. We have been out of email contact for a few days, hence the delay in sending this!

Marcel was terrific and everything went smoothly. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We will post a comment on your website when I get good internet coverage!
Thanks again, Debra and Gary B.

Sent from my iPad

Driver-guide: Marcel K.

Bojnice & Cicmany Private Trip / April
Bojnice & Cicmany Private Trip / April
2017-05-07 / Radovan B. / South Korea

Private Day Trip for 5 clients from South Korea:

"Dobrý deň pani Blažíčková,
Klienti boli naozaj spokojný. Vybrali sme Vašu firmu náhodne ale sme spokojný."

S pozdravom,
Ing. Radovan B., PhD.

Driver-guide: Matt T.

Private Day Trip in Trnava region / May
Private Day Trip in Trnava region / May
2017-05-05 / Joan S. / USA

Dear Jane:

Both Daniela and the driver did an excellent job. Her research and language skills were most helpful. We realize we could never have accomplished the trip on our own.

We will see you tonight and a driver tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone

Driver: Milan K.
Guide: Daniela A.

Short Private Tour in Slovakia / April
Short Private Tour in Slovakia / April
2017-05-01 / James M. / USA

Peter and Jane, thank you for the excellent service on our trip.

The tour was very well planned. All the things that you (and Michal) set up worked out fine. The meetings in Rajec worked out well. The cemetery gate was open and someone did meet us at the synagogue in Trencin.
We did not in fact find my great grandfather's tombstone. The entire area was in poor condition and many stones have deteriorated over the years. But there was no way around that.

The hotels were excellent.
The high point was definitely visiting Rajec and meeting the mayor of Kamenna Poruba. All of us enjoyed actually seeing the towns.

Michal was very accommodating about varying our tour on the spot, according to what we wanted to see.

I asked Michal to translate a few short passages in the Kamenna Poruba history archive. I have not received them yet. I will send him an email in a few days if i don't get them. He also took some pictures for us with his camera--I would like to get them.

If you want a quote . . . .
Peter and Michal organized an excellent tour for our family. We visited the village from which our great-grandfather emigrated in 1883 and discovered things that we could never have found on the internet.

It was inspiring to see the beautiful area where he spent his childhood. We also visited several other places that illustrated the Jewish life in Slovakia in the nineteenth century.
Thank you, Peter.

regards, Jim

Driver-guide: Michal R.

Private Tour of Slovakia + Prague / April
Private Tour of Slovakia + Prague / April
2017-04-29 / Michael K. / USA

Dear Peter:

The tour was great overall. Marcel was a tremendous guide, he knows the area and the people of the region extremely well. He was very flexible in spite of some of the weather issues.
He took us to so many places where we saw the real Slovakia, without his demeanor and skillful maneuvering I don't think we would have been able to enter the home of my cousins wife in Kvasov.
He took us to really good restaurants and steered us towards some really special foods native to the areas we visited. We really enjoyed the conversations we had w/Marcel, especially concerning the communist occupation and historical perspective of Slovakia's political history.
I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to visit Slovakia's mountains and the lowland surrounding those regions.

Matt, was very knowledgeable and did a great job for us in seeing as much as we could see in Prague in the limited time we had there, I will definitely recommend him as well.

The highlights of the trip was the castle in Bratislava, all the Tatras activities and places, Spis castle, obviously Kvasov and eventually Prague. We would come back in a heartbeat to see the rest. I am interested in the grand tour of Slovakia, and the Czech-Slovak Private Tour.

We hope to do either of these tours w/your company.
Sincerely, Michael and Elisabeth

Driver-guide: Marcel K.
Driver-guide for Prague: Matt T.

Private Trip to Bojnice Chateau & Cicmany / April
Private Trip to Bojnice Chateau & Cicmany / April
2017-04-16 / Brett P. / Canada

My wife and I picked the Bojnice Chateau and Cicmany private trip and hoped it would be a relaxing, romantic day in the middle of our European trip. We were not disappointed. Peter picked us up from our hotel in Bratislava and the car was very clean and comfortable (leather seats).

Peter was very knowledgeable not just about specific sights on the drive to Bojnice Castle but general history of Slovakia and able to provide insights and context. Bojnice Chateau was even lovelier than the photos we had seen on the internet and had many surprise rooms inside. Important to know: if you go in shoulder season (we were there in April), the Chateau may only have tours in Slovak running. There were no options to tour the inside without a guide. In our case, this was no issue because Peter translated along the tour. A surprise was the Bojnice zoo right beside the Chateau (we didn't go to it).
We stopped for lunch at BioGraf (aka Stare kino) restaurant which had a large menu, good prices and good beer selection.
Next we drove to Čičmany , which has preserved the traditional wooden homes with their unusual decorations. This is a very quiet, hillside village that has protected status and I liked the traditional crafts that were for sale.
Good to know: this village is quite small and the interpretive signs are in Slovak which Peter translated for us. We then traveled straight back to Bratislava (2hrs). I would recommend this tour if you have more than 2 days in Slovakia and want a break from city sightseeing.

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Private Short Tour of Slovakia / April
Private Short Tour of Slovakia / April
2017-04-08 / Path N. / London / UK

"Hi Peter!
Thank you very much for organising a memorable trip for me and son. Pravin liked the cave and the museum very much. Specially the snow. Looking after Pravin during my treatment is a great help. Thanks.l enjoyed taking photos around the scenic Slovakia and the food in the penzioni. Enjoyed the company with you.
Give my regards to your family.
See you soon.
Thanks, Pat.

Sent from my iPhone"

Private driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Bratislava-Piestany-High Tatras and Spiss area

Private Day Trip to Bojnice & Cicmany / April
Private Day Trip to Bojnice & Cicmany / April
2017-04-07 / Anthony T. / Honk Kong

Dear Peter,
Thanks for your touring services. We are fine with the private trip.
Hope to see you next time.

Cheers, Anthony

Private Devin Trip & Budapest / March 2017
Private Devin Trip & Budapest / March 2017
2017-04-05 / Claudia L. / NYC / USA

Hi Peter, Greetings from Lucerne, Switzerland. Sorry for not replying earlier. We've since visited Austria, Liechtenstein and now in Switzerland. Leaving for home tomorrow morning. I'll write a review when I'm back in NYC.

Thank you for being our guide/driver.

Email #2

Hey Peter,
Hope all is well with you and family.
Here is the blog post which I mentioned you and your tour company. Feel free to share:


I'm heading back to Europe next month but to the Iberian peninsula. Will contact you when we plan on visiting Slovakia next year - want to see the High Tatras, Cicmany, Vlkolinec and more.


Private Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica, March 2017
Private Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica, March 2017
2017-03-27 / Toby W. / UK

Hi Peter, Many thanks for sorting our day trip at such short notice. It was a fantastic visit, and great to see a bit more of what Slovakia has to offer.
The rest of the holiday went well - I thought Budapest was a great place, very attractive and interesting city to spend a couple of days in.

Please do send through some potential itineraries - as discussed I'd be very interested to see what might be possible and the kind of costs involved.

Cheers, Toby

Private Trip to Cicmany, then to Budapest
Private Trip to Cicmany, then to Budapest
2017-03-11 / Rawisuda S. / Bangkok / Thailand

"Dear Peter: drive safely back to Bratislava. It was fun today. Thank you for everything."

Rawisuda S. / Thailand

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Group of 3, Bratislava > Cicmany & Trencin and drop off in Budapest

Private day trip from Bratislava, March 2017
Private day trip from Bratislava, March 2017
2017-03-06 / James P. / Netherlands

"Peter: Everything was great.
Thanks again, James"

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Group of 4
Bratislava > Devin castle > Trnava > Nitra & drop off in Banska Stiavnica
Special bonus: Drazovce church (on the picture)

Transfer and Tour guide services, Jan 2017
Transfer and Tour guide services, Jan 2017
2017-01-30 / Anca I / Bucurest / Romania

Dear Peter,

Everything was perfect. I was really pleased with all the services.
Thank you so much for a great collaboration!
Anca I. / Romania

Services for a group of 19 business travelers with Mercedes Benz Sprinter:
Transfer services in Bratislava
Vienna airport pickup / drop off
Tour guide services - Bratislava Old town & Castle with Peter B.

Short Trip of Slovakia Dec 2016
Short Trip of Slovakia Dec 2016
2017-01-07 / Denina B. / Pretoria / South Africa

"Dear Peter Blazicek and Jana Blazickova, we have safely arrived back home after our extended Winter Wonderland holiday in Slovakia and Austria.
We would like to thank you and your company #bestslovakiatours for an amazing 5 days in Slovakia. We appreciated the professional way in which you conducted our personalised tour and most definately the hospitality of inviting us to your house for a wonderful supper.
Thank you for driving us safely, for going out of your way to accomodate us beyond the description of the tour and thanks for the great knowledge you shared with us.

We would love to be back for more and highly recommend your company for anybody who wishes to tour Slovakia and surrounds.
Kind regards and best wishes! Jaco, Denina, Lize and Lara."