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before you travel on one of our tours

(On request for an extra charge). We will meet you on arrival at the airport and transfer you to your Hotel. We need from you all your arrival and If departure flight details. Please check all your arrival and departure transfer vouchers prior to leaving home to ensure the correct flight details are shown. If your flight is changed for any reason, you must inform us ASAP.


We have not limitations on luggage size. Please let us know in advance if there are some extraordinary large suitcases or a larger number of such luggage. Loss or damage to baggage is at your own risk so please protect yourself with appropriate insurance.

Budgeting– How much to bring? 

This is obviously a difficult question since the amount will vary from person to person and from holiday to holiday. Our itineraries include many features which will save you money on your trip highlight visits, sightseeing, and entrances are included.


Lunches and dinners are usually not included and individual same requirements vary. We suggest €12 per lunch per day and roughly the amount for dinner. Where evening meals are not included, the cost will depend on the type and locations of restaurants used. You should budget for drinks with meals and refreshment stops during the day. Non- alcoholic drinks cost approximately €2 each.

Optional excursions

Experience has shown us that most guests participate in these excursions and you should therefore budget for them in advance. Please check the relevant itinerary on the Best Slovakia Tours website for more optional excursion information.

Personal expenditure

Don’t forget some extra money for souvenirs, stamps, postcards, telephone calls, and laundry. You are advised, whatever your personal requirements may be, to bring more money rather than less. However, there are ATM machines available in every place and most of the sellers accept credit/debit cards.

Clothing and footwear

For information on suitable clothing and footwear please refer to the listings under each tour. However, a general tip would be to make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes.

Your transportation

We only use luxury vans Mercedes Benz V class, 7+1 for small groups and from our partner agency, for larger groups we use minibus Mercedes Benz Sprinter, 18 seater and Setra buses with 30 or 50 seats.  Your Best Slovakia Tours Team will explain all the safety features of your Van / Minibus at the beginning of your trip. For the comfort of all onboard members, Best Slovakia Tours enforces a no-alcohol and no-smoking policy on the coach.
Please note that antiseptic, bandages and other everyday over-the-counter medications such as aspirin are not carried on the coach. Your Tour Director (Guide/driver) will be able to direct you on where to get these items locally should you need to purchase them.

No smoking

Smoking is prohibited on the van/minibus, however frequent comfort stops will be made.


Note, there are no facilities on board, however, there are frequent comfort stops at petrol stations/towns.


We advise you not to leave valuables in the van/minibus at any time, even when locked, and never leave anything valuables in the van/minibus overnight.


In the unlikely event of a complaint, please talk to your Tour Director (Guide/driver) who will do his/her best to resolve the problem. In a hotel, please speak to the Receptionist, however, if the situation is not resolved refer to your Tour Director (Guide/driver).

Credit cards

If you have a credit card, we strongly recommend that you bring it with you, since this gives you extra financial flexibility while traveling.

The major international credit cards, especially Visa or Mastercard, are accepted by most of the restaurants, shops, and hotels. The bill you sign will be made out in much the same way as at home, except that the total will be in the local currency. This will be converted into your home currency by the credit card company and invoiced in the usual way.

Before leaving home, be sure to advise your credit card company that you will be traveling (inform the bank to which countries), as some companies will block the credit card when they notice unusual charge activity.


Since January 1, 2009, Slovakia changed Slovak crowns into Euro. We recommend buying at least some euros to have some cash for souvenirs as in some places may be difficult to find an exchange office or bank.


If at any time on your guided holiday you require a doctor, please inform your Guide/driver or Tour Director who will arrange this for you.

Ensure that you keep receipts for the doctor’s visits, medicines, and any other expenses incurred, as you will need them to claim on your insurance.


These are always at your own expense. Alcoholic drinks can be much more expensive if purchased in hotel bars. Refreshment on board – sparkling / still mineral water is always included in the package and present in the van/minibus.


Some hotel rooms have small refrigerators stocked with drinks and ice, but check the price list before consuming as they can be expensive.


Tap water is perfectly safe to drink in Slovakia. You may also wish to carry a small bottle of water with you throughout the day to ensure you are sufficiently hydrated.


Many hotels supply hair dryers in the rooms. If you take an electric razor you should find that there is a suitable socket in the bathroom. Electric voltages and plugs will differ from those in your home country and adapters may be required. A voltage converter is needed. Ask your Guide/driver or Tour Director.


If you are on a regular course of medication, and/or if there are medicines that particularly suit you, we recommend that you bring an adequate supply for your entire trip. Identical brands may not be available elsewhere, but also bring a copy of your prescription. When traveling, please keep all your medication in your hand luggage, not in your suitcases, for easy access.

We respectfully suggest older passengers and those suffering from any existing medical conditions should have a thorough check-up with their doctor prior to departure. If you wear eyeglasses, bring a spare pair; they are easy to lose and you will be lost without them.

Medical attention can be very expensive outside your own country so may we remind you to take out adequate insurance.

Itinerary changes

During local or national holidays, certain facilities such as museums, sightseeing trips, and shopping may be limited. At these times we may need to make slight itinerary adjustments. Also, local holidays, closing days, and other circumstances may change the day of the week for scheduled dining out, gala dinners, sightseeing, and other included activities.


You are strongly advised to book all your pre and post-trip hotel accommodation before you travel. In large cities rooms are constantly in demand for tourism and business purposes.

Best Slovakia Tours contracted your trip accommodation many months ago. However, on occasions, the hotel may need to relocate into alternative accommodation.
This particularly happens when special events are taking place. It is beyond Best Slovakia Tours 
control, but we will always do our utmost to minimize any inconvenience.

3-star standard hotels are not air-conditioned. All Best Slovakia Tours carefully selected hotels have private facilities. Most rooms have a shower and a bath, but occasionally only a shower.

4-star hotels (stylish, luxurious) mostly have air conditioning. We offer a small surcharge to use such hotels wherever possible.
 Also, can room sizes in Europe tend to be smaller than in other areas of the world, and vary within the same hotel, particularly in older hotels.

Allocation of rooms

Best Slovakia Tours company does not allocate the rooms in any hotel, this is done by the hotel staff, nor can we guarantee the position of your room within any hotel. If you are on your guided holiday and you feel that you are receiving a disproportionate number of smaller rooms or rooms without a view, please inform your Guide/driver or Tour Director.


Tea and coffee-making facilities are uncommon throughout Slovakian hotels.

Hotel check-in and check-out

Check-in time in Europe is usually 2 pm and we cannot guarantee that hotel rooms will be ready upon arrival in gateway cities. Arrangements are made to ensure that check-in and check-out at hotels run smoothly and your Tour Director will advise you in the hotel, the advance of the procedure before arriving at each hotel.

On departing the hotel always remember to return your room key (room card) to reception before boarding the van / minibus.

Personal hotel expenses

Any additional costs incurred during your stay at the hotels (for example laundry, telephone calls, and bar bills) are your responsibility.


Whenever there is a two-night stopover, arrangements can be made for your laundry with the chambermaid (at your own cost). Please note laundry services are not available on weekends or local holidays.

Lost property

Once something is lost it is often difficult to find. Best Slovakia Tours company cannot accept responsibility for property lost anywhere, although we will do our utmost to try and recover lost items. If on the trip, you should immediately report the loss to your Tour Director who will complete a lost property form and give you a copy for insurance purposes.
Any lost property found will be returned to you at your own expense.

Lost / damaged baggage

If upon arrival at the airport after your flight, your baggage fails to arrive or arrives damaged, go immediately to the airline representative (often situated in the Arrivals Hall before you go through customs) and report your loss/ damage. They will ask you for the numbered baggage receipts given to you when you checked your baggage in for the flight.

They will then commence a search for your baggage, and may award you some compensation to buy essential clothing until your baggage is found. You should also contact your Travel Insurance assistance company, as they may help with the recovery of the bag and offer some monetary compensation depending on the length of time the baggage remains missing.


Breakfast is always included in our holiday packages. You will enjoy a cold or hot buffet style breakfast.


We will recommend you the best possible place according to your requests / requirements.


We will give you advice for authentic Slovak restaurants as well as for stylish restaurants.

Special dietary requirements

Any special dietary requirements need to be advised in advance in order to give hotels prior notification. Most hotels will do their best to provide an alternative to the included menu. However, such requests cannot be guaranteed to be available on every occasion. It is most important to discuss any special dietary requirements with your Tour Director at the beginning of the trip.

Passport and visas

Whilst traveling you should carry your passport with you at all times to ensure against its loss or theft in hotels. However, please note certain hotels will need to hold your passport overnight in order to comply with local regulations.

All passengers will require a passport valid for six months beyond the conclusion of their trip, with appropriate visas. It is the sole responsibility of each passenger to have a valid passport and necessary visas, as well as to comply with entry, health or other requirements of the countries visited.

Please remember Best Slovakia Tours company and/or their other employees are not responsible for passport, visa requirements, your health or requirements of the countries visited, or for any loss sustained by failing to comply with laws, and regulations of countries visited.


No doubt you will want to capture Europe’s famous sights, so wherever possible the van / minibus will stop to enable you to click away! 
Don’t forget to bring additional memory cards.

Feedback questionnaires

At the end of your trip we ask for your opinions of your holiday by means of a passenger questionnaire. We greatly appreciate your assistance in completing and returning this to your Tour Director, or posting it directly to us, as it assists us with quality control and future planning.

If you have really enjoyed your holiday please tell your friends and Travel Agent and we look forward to seeing you on another holiday soon!


It is important that you take precautions when travelling anywhere. If hotel security boxes are available then we recommend you use them for all your valuables, do not leave these items in your hotel room. Prior to leaving home purchase a money belt, shoulder, or neck holster to carry items such as your passport or extra money – make sure it is not visible under your clothing. Beware of pickpockets! Wallets and purses should be kept out of sight in front / inside pockets, carry your handbags and backpacks around your front.
We also recommend that you photocopy your passport and credit card details and leave them in your suitcase in case of loss. In hotels and on public transport, always observe the safety rules and check that you know where emergency exits are located. In hotels, fire instructions should always be displayed on the back of your room door. If you are unsure about security while on your holiday, ask your Tour Director who will provide you with the best advice.


If you plan to purchase heavy items, we would recommend that you have them shipped to your home address, as airline charges are high for excess baggage. This can either be arranged by the shop where you make your purchases, or you can make up a parcel and ship it home.


There will be opportunities for shopping in most towns/countries you visit. Your Guide/driver or Tour Director will guide you as to where you can buy quality goods, but he/she cannot guarantee to find you the lowest price.


Best Slovakia Tours team ensures you enjoy a sightseeing tour in all major towns and cities visited on your itinerary. These tours are conducted by qualified Local Guides who are eager to share their vast knowledge and love of the local history and culture. 
 In other places where a Local Guide is not available, your Guide/driver or Tour Director will give you a brief orientation drive or walk to familiarize you with the locality, usually on the way to your hotel.


It is convenient to make long-distance calls from your hotel room but always expensive. International Dialling Country Codes:

USA +1
Canada +1
Australia +61
New Zealand +64

Slovakia: from abroad 00421

Tipping / Gratuities

The widespread practice of tipping in Europe, sometimes causes passengers worry and unease.
It should be remembered that tipping is a standard tradition in Europe, especially in service industries.
Staff is often employed on a comparatively low wage, in the expectation that they will merit gratuities, or tips, through greater diligence and effort on behalf of those they are serving.

However, tips are at your discretion and should reflect your satisfaction with the service provided. If you receive rude, offhand service, then do not give a gratuity. We recommend that you carry some small change with you as it is not usual to ask for change when you are tipping.
Room service waiter €3-5
Restaurants and bars 10% of the bill.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must have! It is imperative that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you the entire time you are away from home.
Your policy should cover the following:

– cancellation or curtailment
– loss or damage to property and baggage
– loss of cash
– medical costs and personal accident

Don’t forget to pack a copy of your policy, contact phone numbers, and instructions on how to claim on the off chance it is necessary.

What to bring?

This will depend upon your personal preferences, where you are traveling to and the time of year you are traveling. We generally recommend casual, lightweight, drip-dry clothing, which requires little or no ironing. Laundry facilities are available at many of our hotels, however, take sufficient clothing to last for about a week.

General items:

Passport, Travel insurance, Airline tickets
Money, Credit cards, Visas
Camera, Batteries, Medications, Prescriptions
Portable umbrella, Toiletries, Travel sewing kit
Travel alarm clock, Sunglasses, Handkerchief/tissues


Bring as few as possible, costume jewelry is very fashionable! Comprehensive insurance still does not compensate for sentimental value.


The climate in Europe is moderately continental and humid in the summer. 
For weather conditions pertinent to your travel schedule, visit these websites: www.yr.no/en

Any questions?
We are glad and ready to help you.

Feel free to write us at contact@bestslovakiatours.com
Call me on +421 918 630 630 (Peter)

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