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Privacy Policy

Your consent
By using our websites, providing any personal data to us, or booking any travel services with us, that you confirm that you agree to and consent to the terms of this document, to the extent that your consent is required by any applicable law.

Copyright notice
This document and all content of our websites is
Copyright© 2008 Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Our commitment
We respect your right to privacy and we aim to ensure you have a trustworthy experience with us, including when using our websites or shops and booking with or through us. We understand that you care about how your personal data is used by us, and we want to share with you the policies and practices we’ve adopted.
This way you can feel confident about how we handle the personal data that you entrust to us.

If you subscribe to our newsletter or enter one of our competitions, we will ask for your name, email address, and country of residence. This information is used to send you information about our company, products, or other items that may be of interest to you. We will not contact you more than once a month. Our newsletters may occasionally contain links to other websites. Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. is not responsible for any content or privacy policy on such websites.

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you may opt out at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of each newsletter.

Orders & Payments
When you place an order on our website, we require contact information, such as your name and e-mail address and, in some cases, partial or full postal address or telephone number.
This information is only used to contact you with information about your order. We do not sell or share this information with any third parties.

Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. is determined to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of the personal data the company processes on you. This data protection policy is intended to inform you about which personal data the company collects, how Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. uses the data and who has access to the data.

This data protection policy applies to the personal data of Best Slovakia Tours’ customers. This policy will refer to Best Slovakia Tours as we or us and to customers like you.

If you are in any doubt about how this policy applies to you, please contact gdpr@bestslovakiatours.com for further information.

1. Purpose and legality
Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. endeavors to meet the requirements of all applicable data protection legislation and this policy is based on the Articles 13 and 14 of the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of privacy as regards the processing of personal data (“Data Protection Legislation”), as amended.

2. What is personal data? 
Personal data within the meaning of this policy is information about an identified or an identifiable person, i.e., information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a particular person. Data that is unidentifiable or anonymous is not considered to be personal data.

3. Personal data that Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. collects and processes
In connection with our communication and collaboration with you, we may collect personal data about you. Different personal data may be collected from different parties and the processing and collection of personal data may depend on your relationship with us.

Our customers are mainly individuals, but they may also be legal persons. When customers are legal persons they have representatives and employees whose personal data we may process. The personal data is primarily contact information, e.g., name, email address, job title, and phone number.

Regarding our communication with you we may need to process a variety of personal data, e.g.:

a, contact information, e.g., name, ID number, address, phone number, and email address;
b, travel period;
c, information on the purpose of the trip and special wishes for the trip;
d, information regarding the combination of the travel group;
e, health and religion information;
f, country of residence;
g, IP number, when needed; and billing information.

In addition to the aforementioned information, Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. may collect and process other data that you provide to the company, e.g., photographs, as well as data that is essential for the company’s business.

In general, Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. obtains the personal data directly from you. If data is obtained from a third party the company will endeavor to inform you.

4. Why do we collect and process personal data and on what grounds? The processing of personal data about you is mainly based on our agreement with you or the party for which you work for. This includes contact information so we can contact you and send invoices.

Personal data may also be processed based on your request to enter into an agreement. This includes data on interests, travel period, information on the purpose of the trip, and special wishes for the trip.

Sensitive personal data will only be processed based on your explicit consent. Such data is only collected when deemed necessary.

In addition, personal data may be processed on the ground of our legitimate interests, e.g., when your email address is used to send customer surveys and, as appropriate, direct marketing.

If you do not provide Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. the necessary information the company may not be able to enter into an agreement with you, or the legal person you represent, for the requested service and/or the company may be unable to fulfill its obligations on the basis of the agreement.

If the collection and processing are based on your consent, you can always withdraw the consent. All communications relating to such withdrawal or changes to the consent shall be directed to gdpr@bestslovakiatours.com

Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. undertakes to ensure that all processing of personal data is lawful, fair, and transparent. Data will only be collected for a specific, explicit and legitimate purpose and collecting and processing will not go beyond what is necessary for the purpose of the processing. The processing shall always be adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary for the purpose for which they are processed.

5. Disclosure to third parties 
Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. may disclose your personal data to contractors, consultants, and suppliers in relation to their work for the company. Therefore, personal data may for example be disclosed to external parties that provide us with IT services, but also to service providers of trips that we book on your behalf.

Third parties who provide us with services as described above could be located outside of Slovakia. Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. will not disclose data to parties located outside of the European Economic Area unless such transfer is permitted according to appropriate data protection legislation. Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. endeavors to inform you about any disclosure of personal data to countries outside of the European Economic Area, but gdpr@bestslovakiatours.com can provide further information. Finally, your personal data may be disclosed to the extent permitted or required by applicable legislation or regulations or to respond to legal actions such as search of premises, subpoenas, or court rulings. Disclosure may also be necessary for emergency situations to ensure the safety of the employees of Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. or third parties.

6. How is the safety of personal data secured?
Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. endeavors to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the safety of your personal data, with special regard to the nature of the data. For example, Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. has access controls to systems which store data about you. These measures are meant to secure personal data against accidental destruction or alteration and against unauthorized access, duplication, use, or disclosure of personal data.

7. Retention of personal data
Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. will endeavor to retain your personal data only for as long as necessary for the purpose of the processing, unless otherwise permitted or obligated by law.

8. Your rights regarding the company’s processing 
You are entitled to request access to the personal data we process on you and information on the processing. You may also be entitled to a copy of the personal data undergoing processing.

Under certain circumstances, you may have the right to request that we erase personal data concerning you without undue delay. You may also have the right to obtain from us the restriction of processing, where certain requirements are fulfilled. You are also entitled to request rectification of inaccurate data on you. It is therefore important that if your personal data happens to change during the course of your relationship with Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o., that you keep us informed of such changes.

You may furthermore be entitled to a copy of the personal data that you have provided to us in electronic form, or request that we transmit them directly to a third party.

When we process your personal data based on legitimate interests you are at any time authorized to object to the processing.

The aforementioned rights are however not without limitation. Laws and regulations may authorize or oblige the company to deny your request. However, your right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes is unconditional.

9. Inquiries and complaints to the data protection authority
If you wish to exercise your rights according to Clause 8 of this policy, or if you have any questions regarding this data protection policy or how we process your personal data, please contact gdpr@bestslovakiatours.com who will seek to answer any inquiries you may have and instruct you on your rights pursuant to this policy.

If you are not satisfied with the company’s processing of your personal data you can send a complaint to the office of The Personal Data Protection Authority of Slovakia Republic.

10. Communication with the company
Within Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o., the Quality & IT department is responsible for the enforcement of this data protection policy. Below you can find the contact information:


The company’s contact information:

Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o.
Bohrova 7, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o. reserves the right to review this policy in accordance with changes to applicable legislation or regulations or in relation to changes in the company’s processing of personal data. You will be notified of any changes made to this policy with an updated version, in the same manner, that this policy was presented to you.

Any amendments that may be made to the policy will take effect after the updated version has been presented to you.

Any questions?
We are glad and ready to help you.

Feel free to write us at contact@bestslovakiatours.com
Call us on +421 918 630 630 (Peter)

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Copyright 2008-2024 All rights reserved 
Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o., Bohrova 7, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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Copyright 2008-2024 All rights reserved 
Best Slovakia Tours, s.r.o., Bohrova 7, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Visit us on Social Networks