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Warm recommendation
Sept 2023 / Orit / Israel
Our family traveled with “Best Slovakia tours” company to Slovakia in September 2023. It was our first time with this company and not our last. Peter, the owner of the company, was very efficient from our first email, he always answered all our questions very quickly, courteously and built us an itinerary in a very professional way that met exactly our needs. Martin was our guide in private family tour in Slovakia for 5 days. Martin was fantastic guide. Lots of information, great knowledge, punctuality, sensitivity (even helped us to buy medications when we needed), patience, helpful and always making sure we were pleased. The trip was an amazing experience, we spent 5 magical days with Martin, we reached stunning, different and unique places in Slovakia. During the trip Martin told us about every place we passed along the way that has historical importance. The trip was flexible and suited our needs and requests. Martin took care of us all the time with a lot of dedication, we enjoyed professional and responsible driving and his desire to satisfy our wishes. He has very comfortable vehicle that every morning was very clean with cold water for us. We never stopped enjoying the experience that Peter and Martin created for us. Traveling with Martin was an amazing experience, he made the trip more than perfect and we enjoyed every moment. We strongly recommend everyone to use the services of Peter and Martin, you won’t regret it. We are already looking forward to our next trip with this company
Orit, Eli, Meitar, Shayli from Israel
Exceeded my expectations. Exceptional service!
Sept 2023/ Kim D / USA

Dear Peter,
It was a privilege and a pleasure to visit Slovakia and Hungary and Vienna with you!!! Everything about this trip exceeded my expectations. Your careful planning of our itinerary giving us a great view of our ancestors’ homeland was especially meaningful. The comfortable travel schedule, hotel arrangements, dining and free time suggestions were all wonderful. The lovely dinner at your home hosted by you and Jane was very special. I can’t thank you enough for a truly wonderful experience. I hope I may be able to enjoy another one of your tours in the future.
With sincere gratitude and best wishes, Kim

Family Heritage Tour
Aug 2023 / Mary Jo / USA

My sister and I, and three cousins, asked Peter to take us on a tour that would include two small Slovak villages that our grandparents grew up in before emigrating to the US at the end of the 1800s. We also wanted to see highlights of Slovakia and spend some time in Budapest and Vienna. He put together a wonderful itinerary, booked nice hotels for us, and transported us in his comfortable van. We had such a great time—way better than we expected—and learned a lot about Central Europe. I hope to take another tour with him someday. It was great, and so is he!

Heritage Tour of Chlebnice Slovakia
Aug 2023 / Joe D. / USA
Best Slovakia Tours gave my family a great experience. We took a 4 day trip from Budapest through the central part of Slovakia starting at Kosice through to the Tatra mountains, where my grandparents came from before immigrating to America at the turn of the last century and the we went on to Krakow. Michal Razus did some genealogical research and found some distant relatives in Chlebnice whom we visited and had a warm afternoon connecting.Martin was our guide for the tour and he was great. It seemed like everywhere we went Martin ran into friends and colleagues. He ran into so many people that I called him the Mayor of Slovakia. When I needed to print some genealogy papers for my visit, Martin just took a 5 minute detour and found a friend who let us access his home office to print. Martin was a great interpreter, and he is very knowledgable on the history of Slovakia. He was our designated driver, so we could enjoy shots of slivovitz with my new found family. The experience was way better than I had ever hoped for. I give my thanks to Peter, Jane and Martin; they were great advisors and companions through the whole experience from booking to touring.
Ancestry Tour to Lubenik, Slovakia
Aug 2023 / Curtis / Canada

Had a fabulous 3-day private trip with Peter. The main reason for the trip was to visit my Dad’s birth village, Lubenik, but we saw some other sights along the way as well (Orava Castle; High Tatras; Dobšinská Ice Cave; Banská; Vlkolínec; Hotel Grand Vígľaš; with a drop-off in Vienna). Peter was great company for the long drives, and eager to answer my various trip (and non-trip!) related questions. I was hoping to find my father’s 1927 birth-home based only on pictures from the 1980’s (but with no address). We were unsuccessful, despite some good attempts after interacting/inquiring with locals. However, we did peruse the local cemetery, as per Peter’s suggestion, where I found some family surnames on my Grandmother’s side. That had the biggest impact for me on a personal level, heritage-wise, in the absence of finding my Dad’s house. Thank you Peter!

Best Slovakia Tours is not an Exaggeration
Jul 2023 / Mike / USA

Thank you, Peter and Jane for the wonderful private tour that you planned for my cousin, myself and our wives, and the excellent way in which Peter handled all of the large and small details of our daily tours and hotels. He really went out of his way to make sure that our needs were met. The trip was planned mainly to visit the villages in Slovakia from which my ancestors had come, but also to see Slovakia, Vienna and Prague. It more than satisfied those objectives. The dinner at your house and our being able to meet Jane and your son made our time with Peter seem more personal and homey. We also enjoyed driving with Martin from Prague to Vienna. He is a very pleasant and knowledgeable guide and we had some lively conversations which made the trip seem shorter than it actually was. In short, we had a great time and felt that you played a large part in making the trip special.

To see Slovakia – Best Slovakian Tours is the only place to go
Jul 2023 / Linda M. / USA

I took my family for a 4 day privite tour with one day going to my grnadparents village. Peter was amazing from the time I asked to help me plan the day in the village to showing me his beautiful country. The 5 of us had a wonderful trip and it was all becasue Peter plannted a perfect vacation. We plan to take another trip with Peter in the near furture. Thank you Peter & Jane for answering all my questions.

1 day private tour to see Ancestral home in Slovakia!
Jul 2023 / Amy / USA

Peter organized a one day, private tour for me to see my Slovak ancestors’ birthplace . Peter is an incredibly knowledgeable guide. We had many conversations about Slovak history from ancient times to contemporary history, the development of Slovak language, the political, economic, and social history of Slovakia, architecture and more . Since this was a solo trip for me to visit my great grandfather’s home, he did everything he could to make it meaningful for me. We toured the cemetery where some of my ancestors are buried , the Catholic Church, where my relatives were married, and baptized. In addition, on the way, we got a tour of the beautiful towns Trnava and Nitra, and many important historical and architectural sites there and along the way. Peter puts 100% enthusiasm and care into organizing and creating these tours for people. He is an excellent conversationalist, as well as polite and engaging. I would recommend this tour company to anyone who wants to see and experience Slovakia, as well as understand its unique and special history. I further highly recommend it to people who have any ancestors here. If I hadn’t done the tour with Peter, I would’ve never gotten to see my great grandfather’s home. It was a truly special experience that I will never forget. Thank you, Peter.

12-day private ancestral and private tour
Jul 2023 / Richard M. / USA

We just finished a 12-day private sightseeing and ancestral tour of Slovakia, and I could not have been happier. Peter and Jane were gracious, accommodating and professional from the start – I had many questions and requests. They facilitated meeting my Slovak family for the first time – after having lost touch years ago. It was an exciting and rewarding experience. The sightseeing was wonderful. Peter was very in tune to what I wanted to see and experience. I am a history and heritage buff, and he was a wealth of information on history, traditions, customs – everywhere we went. Villages, churches, castles, museums, the High Tatras, a winery tour, rafting, hiking, and on and on. We even went to an outdoor music festival in the hills in the east, as a late add-on. The flexibility while touring was appreciated. The hotels were great, and in good locations, and the restaurant recommendations were varied and excellent. A dream trip, and I could not have had a better guide than Peter. I highly recommend Best Slovakia tours for private, ancestral, or structured tours. I will definitely use Best Slovakia Tours again!!

Best Slovakian Tours is the best
Jun 2023 / John G. / USA

We just completed our best personal tour using Best Slovakian Tours. Peter the owner, by far was the best personal guide we have EVER experienced. From planning our 2-week adventure, to implementing it, Peter was outstanding and went beyond our expectations. He picked us up from our hotel in Budapest where we had just finished a Viking River cruise. Peter was always on time and we traveled in a beautiful Mercedes Van with plenty of room for us and our luggage. He had cold drinks waiting for us every day. Our tour was through Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic. He took us to many stunning photographic places; my wife & I took thousands of pictures. The Cities and local attractions in our itinerary were very interesting and picturesque. His hotel choices were very nice and in Great locations, near cities main squares. He was very knowledgeable about the locations we visited; he recommended many great restaurants for us to try usually with stunning vistas. Peter is like google of knowledge of the places he took us to. We enjoyed his style of tour guiding; He did not talk constantly and allowed us to process the information. He knew when to let it sink in. Overall, I really cannot think of what he could have done better, he was there for all our needs. He was truly the best.

Budapest to Prague private tour
Jun 2023 / Jeri / USA

Oh my goodness!! What a beyond amazing trip !! We went from Budapest to Prague for two weeks through several countries. He doesn’t just do Slovakia. We were two couples. Peter was the absolute best tour guide. He set us up in the best hotels. Was very keen on all the local eateries and sight seeing of every place we went. He found fancy restaurants for us and local cuisine restaurants also. He definitely knew what to find to suit our fancy. I have to potty a lot and he was very accommodating for me. Want to hike ? He knows the best ones. I could not have asked for better.
Bonus was, he speaks several different languages and took care of us as along the way by by interpreting for us. Made it so much easier. The van was very comfortable and he had cold water for us all the time. He drives very safely.
He is very accommodating. I’m kinda finicky, and he was amazing at making me comfortable. I didn’t feel rushed and got to do things at my pace. Just let him know your preferences, and he’ll make it happen. If your into castles, history, or beer culture, , He totally knows how to make an amazing trip!! Seriously, you couldn’t ask for better.

High recommended day trip from Bratislava with a great tour guide
Jun 2023 / Christine / USA

If you are looking for a day trip to a picturesque town in the Slovak countryside, this is a great choice. Our guide was knowledge and spoke excellence English. Highly recommended! Read on for a more detailed description: Great tour! Martin was our tour guide and he picked us up about 2 mins from our Air BnB. The ride to Banska Stiavnica was about 2 hours-the end of the ride has a lot of hills and tight turns, so if you get motion sick easily you can let your guide know to slow down and he will. Banska Stiavnica is quite picturesque-your first stop is at a museum that used to be a lookout tower. Martin, our guide, was very informative and spoke excellent English as he led us through a tour of the museum. Then, we walked into town, where Martin told us about the town’s past as a mining town. We also went to the castle, where we saw the prison cells, bell tower, and some of the old artwork. There was also an option to do a tour of the Stations of the Cross church, but we opted not to do that. Afterwords, we had lunch at a local restaurant which was very good. The day ended with us going back into town, doing some souvenir shopping, and eating some ice cream. Afterwards, Martin drove us back.

Great experience
Jun 2023 / Don & Ann / USA

We did a private 9 day family tour with Martin as our guide. Our entire trip was fabulous. We visited Prague, Austria, and Slovakia. The owner Peter and Janna handle all the details and helped our family learn about our heritage. Slovakia is beautiful. We highly recommend using Best Slovakia Tours.

Touring all of Slovakia
Jun 2023 / Jean / USA

Peter provided us with the best tour of the whole country. He really cares about the needs of the client — he knew that I loved churches and he made special effort to concentrate in this area. It was a memorable 2 weeks. The hotels were conveniently located near the central part of each town. I highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours.

Highly recommended
May 2023 / Jerusha / Singapore

Our group of 4 ladies spent a wonderful 10 days with Peter in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Peter is one of the best driver-guides I’ve ever had the pleasure to have. He’s considerate, patient, knowledgeable and amazingly strong. Due to his healthy lifestyle, he’s really fit and is the only guide I’ve known who carried (NOT dragged) our 4 medium size suitcases over cobblestoned streets for a few hundred metres, and twice carried them up flights of stairs when our countryside pensions had no lifts! His Mercedes minivan is immaculate and lovingly maintained – he’s the only driver I’ve had who cleans his windows every morning so we can see clearly through them. Needless to say, his driving is also safe and steady. He was flexible in his itinerary and never watched the clock. His restaurant recommendations were always spot on and some of our best food on the trip was in places he uses regularly. He and Jane make a great team and work very well together. Don’t hesitate to book him for your next trip: I’ve already requested an itinerary for next year!

Amazing tour! Great tour guide!
May 2023 / Joy / USA

Our trip to Banska Stiavnica with Best Slovakia Tours is amazing from the very beginning. Peter is quick response and answer all my questions. The day of the tour, Martin picked us up from our hotel and then we started our wonderful journey with him, Martin is very knowledgeable and resourceful and caring. We really enjoyed our time with Martin! We had a blast! We can’t thank him enough! Highly recommend the tours with Peter and his team, especially Martin, my all time favorite! Hope to go back someday and have another tour with this wonderful team!
Thank you again, Peter and Martin!

Amazing Trip
May 2023 / John & Jenny / USA

Just got back from a wonderful ten-day trip to Prague/Krakow/Slovakia and Budapest planned by Peter and Jane and guided by Martin. The trip was delayed three times due to Covid and the war in Ukraine, so we really appreciated their flexibility and professionalism to make it all happen. Prior to our arrival, they were extremely helpful in talking to our relatives in Slovakia (who we had never met) and directly coordinating a family reunion with them in my Grandpa’s hometown. It was a magical day meeting 25 extended family members only a few of whom spoke English. Martin did an amazing job being the “Master of Ceremonies” and translating throughout the day which started at lunch for everyone at the perfect local hotel recommended by Best Slovakia Tours and ended that night at our cousin’s house with multiple Slivovitz toasts. I know we and our Slovak relatives felt that Martin was part of our family that day! He also did a great job of reacting to unforeseen circumstances during the trip and figuring out alternatives/solutions. He got to know all thirteen of us and was able to customize suggestions to suit different wants/needs within the group. He was very knowledgeable about the places we visited and the history of each country but most of all he was just a really fun guy to travel with who always tried his best to make sure everyone had a great experience. Can’t ask for anything more than that. We highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours. Thank you, Peter, Jane, and Martin for a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Once in a life time trip
Apr 2023 / Kirk & Barbara / USA

We visited 5 countries with Peter and Martin as our guides, All of the
accommodations were pre booked by Peter. The rooms were all excellent. The most impressive aspect of the entire trip was the knowledge that Peter and Martin had of each and every city and country that we visited. We were able to see all of the major cities in each country as well as beautiful open country and mountains. We shared dinner almost every day with Peter or Martin and really missed them the few times when we dined without them. We traveled over 3000 kilometers in a beautiful Mercedes bus that was very comfortable. I rode in the shotgun seat for most of the trip and no matter what question I dreamed up Peter and Martin had knowledgeable answers for. My favorite country was while Martin was our guide in Slovakia. The mountains and beauty of this country is unbelievable. If we had traveled without Peter or Martin we would have missed so much. What a wonderful once in a lifetime experience made possible by Best Slovakia Tours.

Living our dream
Apr 2023 / Tom & Karla / USA

We had a 21 day tour with Best Slovakia that began in Rome then off to Tuscany, Florence and Venice. Drove to Croatia to the beautiful island of Hvar and back up through Hungary, to Budapest and finally a week in Slovakia. We were chauffered around in a comfortible Mercedes van. Nearly every night we were in a different city and hotel. Pre-booked accomidations were excellent. The rooms and service were exemplary. Peter Blazicek was our tour guide for the first two weeks and Martin Schwarz finished off the last week in Slovakia. Both were walking encyclopedias of history and culture of our trip. They got our tickets to events, translated in each country and were there to be our photographers as well. Both have a great sense of humor and really became part of our group. We had a wonderful time and our memories will last a lifetime.

Beyond our expectations
Apr 2023 / Veronica / USA

We had a truly heart-warming amazing experience with Martin as our guide. We – 3 family members– spent a day touring the village of my grandmother and also the nearby village church where she was baptized. The village was Vinohrady Nad Vahom –“vineyards on the River Vah”. We walked through a vineyard there and met the owners — who turned out to be related to us. Besides bringing home wine from the village, we discovered 4th cousins! Martin was very knowledgeable about the area and the customs. He talked to people in the village to give us the most information. We walked through the cemetery and discovered the family name on headstones. Martin completely accommodated what we requested as we went along. After the village, we toured Bratislava. Martin was knowledgeable and friendly — and walked so I could keep up, being slower than the others. The day was totally fantastic and memorable. We highly recommend Martin and would definitely use his services again. We will always treasure this experience of a life-time.

Great private tour
Mar 2023 / David & Marg D. / Canada

We recently completed a 26 day private tour of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary that was arranged by Peter and Jane at Best Slovakia Tours. We paid for the tour in 2019 and were originally supposed to do this tour in March 2020. Because of Covid and then the start of the war in Ukraine we postponed it to 2023. After 3 years of delay Peter conducted our tour with just a small fuel surcharge added to the cost.Peter was our driver/guide for the entire tour. He speaks fluent English as well as German. His knowledge of the area and its history is vast. He’s a very good guide, a competent driver and he uses a very comfortable Mercedes van to conduct his tours. Our hotels were all in great locations, in or within easy walking distance of old towns with many nearby restaurants. In our case admission to all tourist sites (including many UNESCO sites) was included in the tour cost. Thank you Peter and Jane for a wonderful tour.


Highly Recommended
Nov 2022 / John / USA
Peter and his team are phenomenal! Our family traveled to Slovakia earlier this month, and Best Slovakia Tours made this a truly special experience. We had tours of Devin Castle, Bratislava’s Old Town, and a personalized daylong excursion to our ancestral family town. Peter’s expansive knowledge of Slovak history, culture, and customs greatly enhanced our trip. His language skills are excellent, and he was very patient and accommodating to our diverse family group, which ranged in age from 1 year to 75 years. There was a remarkable attention to detail and warmth that characterized our interactions. Peter and Jane helped transform our family trip into an experience that we will never forget.
Outstanding experience!
Oct 2022/ Lars / USA

Peter & Jane worked with us to design a custom six-day tour. We felt we experienced the best of Slovakia and look forward to returning again someday. Peter was a knowledgeable guide and able to answer my historian wife’s many questions with ease. The sites, accommodations, and food were all memorable, and the tour vehicle was comfortable throughout our many hours of driving. It was also a pleasure meeting Jane and their children when we shared a dinner with them at their home. We highly recommend using Best Slovakia Tours and were completely satisfied. Thanks, Peter

Outstanding Private Heritage Tour
Sept 2022 / Donna / USA
Peter and Jane are the best! They arranged a full-day private heritage tour for me and my spouse to the village of my paternal grandparents. Peter was an outstanding driver and guide. His love of Slovakia is infectious. He is extremely knowledgeable about his country. We enjoyed every minute of the day. I recommend this company with unreserved enthusiasm.

100% Great!
Sept 2022 / Mike / USA
I highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours. They were extremely professional, with amazing communications prior to our visit. Peter was everything you could ask for in a tour guide: knowledgable, courteous, and engaging. Although we only had time for the four-hour tour of Bratislava, we would definitely use this tour company for other trips. Thank you, Peter!
Private Slovakia Ancestry Tour
Aug 2022 / Steve & Rose / USA

We can’t stop talking about our amazing tour of Slovakia and being able to connect with our relatives. Best Slovakia Tours made this happen with Peter being an amazing tour guide. His love for Slovakia and knowledge of the history shined through and made our trip so much more special. Peter and Jane took care of all the logistics and we were able to enjoy every minute. We appreciate Roman for driving all 11 of us around and navigating the narrow roads in the cemetery. Peter’s patience and flexibility were so appreciated and this allowed us to completely enjoy our visit with our cousins. All of the hotels and restaurants that we went to were excellent, and Peter made sure we visited historical and beautiful sights in Slovakia. Again, we want to highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours for making this a trip that we will never forget. Anyone wanting to visit Slovakia, we highly recommend contacting Peter and Jane because they truly live up to their name the Best Slovakia Tours!

Wonderful Tour of Slovakia
Aug 2022 / Tim / USA

Peter is so friendly and knowledgeable! He was very flexible to the needs of our large group and made our vacation very special. We were able to connect with our relatives who live in Slovakia and experience the beauty and treasures Slovakia has to offer.

Excellent, Enchanting Tour of Bratislava
Apr 2022 / Lisa / USA

The name says it all! Best Slovakia Tours! Peter was a perfect guide! While he toured us through Bratislava, his lovely little-big capital, he provided history and details about the sights and moved at a very comfortable pace. I highly recommend this tour when visiting Bratislava you don’t want to miss out on the details that are provided which help secure your memories of this truly wonderful gem of a capital!
My hope is to return again and book a tour that includes more of Slovakia as Peter and Bratislava made me want to see more!

Knowledgeable Host, Great Experience!
Apr 2022 / Adam / USA

Peter was an amazing host. He knew a lot about the history of Bratislava, Slovakia and Eastern Europe. He also spoke fluent English which was an added bonus. We would all highly recommend Peter as a tour guide, regardless of what kind of tour you’re looking for. 10/10

Charming City, Fantastic Guide
Mar 2022 / Chris / USA

Peter was a fantastic guide, and I heartily recommend Best Slovakia Tours. The whole family had a wonderful time walking the streets of Bratislava with Peter, and he did a great job of explaining things that kept my children (8 and 6) engaged throughout. I was little bit concerned about whether it was the right time to bring my family to Slovakia with COVID and the war in Ukraine. We came from Vienna for the day, and the logistics and organization went off without a hitch. Bratislava is a charming city, and Peter ensured we saw all the major sites. We felt safe and well looked after throughout. I would definitely use Best Slovakia Tours again in the future!


Our Family Ancestry Tour was Like Coming Home – Amazing Personalized Service
Oct 2021 / Stephen / USA
After years of anticipation and planning, my wife and I worked with Peter and Jana Blazicek to create a personalized tour of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria. They tailored our visit to our own particular interests (in our case, more culinary travel and nature, less museums…) in each of the cities and countries that we visited. Most importantly, coming from Eastern Slovak roots, they were able to facilitate heritage visits to the villages of Krasna Luka and Matysova where my family originated, arranged meetings with local residents who were associated with my family and assisted greatly with finding a common language between us all. We were welcomed not as strangers but as family returning home. By far, this was the highlight of our visit that was beyond words. We are grateful to Peter, Jana and Martin, our guide in Poland, Czechia and Austria for their gracious hospitality and experience of a lifetime. We highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours and we will be back! Ďakujem!

Guide-driver: Peter B.

Private Premium Walking Tour around Bratislava
Oct 2021/ Justine / Switzerland
I could not recommend Best Slovakia Tours and Peter enough! We spent one night in Bratislava on our way from Vienna to Budapest, and Peter was outstanding from start to finish. We were a group of 10 with 4 adults and 6 children. Traveling with children can be tough to begin with, but Peter made it all so simple. He organized wonderful transportation that picked us up at our hotel and itinerary that made the most of our short time in Bratislava. We saw both Bratislava and Devin Castles, we did a wonderful walking tour of the old town and he made arrangements for a perfect lunch stop for our large group. He also was so wonderful with the children. He is simply the best! We will definitely use him again next time we are traveling in the area! Thank you!!

Guide-driver: Peter B

Private Trip to Banska Stiavnica
Sept 2021 / Jan / USA
It was a very pleasant day with Peter visiting the interesting Banska Stiavnica UNESCO site and the hike up to Calvary. Also great discussion of Eastern European cultures and the outside influences that made those countries and people who they are today. Also nice to have another day to see the Slovakia countryside.

Ancestral villages
Sept 2021 / Mary Jo / USA
Excellent tour company. We spent seven days touring Slovakia with a visit to the town my grandparents came from. Best Slovakia Tours customized the tour per our request. Everything went very well. I highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours for your trip to Slovakia or neighboring countries.
Private Tour around Slovakia
Sept 2021 / Tasia / USA

My sister and I traveled for over a week in the care of Best Slovakia Tours. We visited cities in western Slovakia – Bratislave, Trencin, Trnava; cities in central Slovakia – Cicmany, Banska Stiavnica, Banska Bystrica; cities in eastern Slovakia – Levoca, Kosice, Zalezice. We visited the Trencin Castle, the Boinice Castle, the castle in Banska Stiavnica, and saw the Spis Castle. We visited a couple museums in the castles and also went to the Museum of Slovak National Uprising. We spent a day in the High Tatars hiking. A week before we were to leave for Slovakia, I asked if we could fit in a trip to Litmanova, where there were visitations from the Blessed Mother to 2 young girls from 1990 to 1995; and Peter without hesitation fit it into our tour. Peter picked us up at the Vienna airport and had us transported back to the Vienna airport when we left. Our tour guide Martin was with us from 9AM until sometimes 9PM. He drove us around, he translated for us, he told us about the Slovak food and drink, and shared his knowledge about Slovak history and their love of nature. When we visited the city of Zalezice, where our paternal grandparents came from, it was Martin that called the mayor of that city to inquire if any relative of ours could still be living there. It was through Martin that we were able to visit with the mayor of Zalezice. Martin also called at the house of the Greek Catholic priest, who kindly opened up his church for us to visit.The food was great, our accommodations were wonderful, and Slovakia was beautiful. My sister and I felt safe and were well watched over. The trip was all that I hoped for and more.

Private 2 Day Trip
Aug  2021 /Anzelle/ USA

Thanks to Peter and Jane for working with me so we can customize a trip like no other. We were his first tour in 18 months (after all his future tours were cancelled due to COVID). We’ve never met a guide as passionate as him. His eyes glowed in excitement as he talked about Slovakia’s rich history and heritage. He is a true professional, knowledgeable, and flexible. He truly is one-of-a-kind and we’re so glad we found him. We look forward to more trips with him! Thank you again, Peter, for making my 60th birthday trip a trip of a lifetime! Slovakia didn’t disappoint!


Private 2 Day Road Trip around Slovakia,  April 2019
2019-03-4 / Natalia H. / London / UK
I am fully “recovered “))))
Now I understand we have managed  a lot !!! Your performed a miracle for me!!!
Enjoyed every minute of your company)))
Thank you for your advise in Bratislava .
I will do review on tripadvisor  today.
Thanks a lot and I will see you in London with your wife and kids)))

Kindest regards

Natalia H.
Blue badge Guide London
MITG member

Guide-driver: Peter B.
2 day private round trip – Slovakia UNESCO sights

Private Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica,  February 2019
2019-02-26 / Sergio P. / USA
Hi Peter,
it’s Sergio from the US. You took me on a day trip last Saturday to Banska Bystrica and Banska Stiavnica. I just wanted to say thank you very much for being my guide and showing me around. I wasn’t in Slovakia for a long time, but seeing those cities and Bratislava was enough. In the future I may look at going to Slovakia again to see more outside of Bratislava.I will contact your office in the future if I decide to come to Slovakia again. Sorry I have been very busy since I came back home days ago. So thank you again, take care and god bless.
Sergio P. Jr.

Guide-driver: Peter B

Private Premium Bratislava tour & Devin Castle,  November 2018
2018-11-10 / Nathan D. / USA
Simona was a wonderful tour guide. I enjoyed how she personalized the tour for me! Also, her English was excellent, and I enjoyed her teaching me some Slovak words and culture. Thanks for making my trip to Bratislava memorable.

Tour guide: Simona Z.

Private Slovakia Tour,  October 2018
2018-11-10 / Dimple & Gordon / Hong Kong

Hi Peter and Jane!

Firstly my profuse apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We left you in Slovakia and spent the rest of the trip running around Prague and France, trying to see as much as we could. It was very hectic but the weather was great all the way through and the last week Gordon enjoyed his wine tastings to the fullest while I went off by myself to explore some smaller villages.
Once we got back, unpacked and began getting over the jetlag, I had to leave again, this time to India. This is where I am writing to you from. It is my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary so have to be here with them and hoping to take them to Dubai to celebrate. My mom doesn’t move around much now so we thought this might be a good way to make it memorable for her. Gordon meanwhile is still in HK.
So I’m still living out of a suitcase for the moment and have not had the time to get back into anything. Including replying to you to express our thanks for the wonderful time we had together. I promise I will get on to TripAdvisor and all that once I get back to HK at the end of the month, just need to catch my breath a bit.

Here are our pics from my phone, I will send you more that Gordon took once I get back.

I hope you both and the boys are well. And I hope things are going great. It must be colder now, and you must be getting ready for ski season. Say hi to the Tatras for us and we hope to come back soon. And we hope to see you in HK even sooner!
We will be toasting Christmas this year with Tatra Tea ☺️
Warm regards
Dimple and Gordon
Sent from my iPhone

Guide-driver: Peter B.
3 day Private tour of Slovakia (mostly High Tatra Mountains)

Private Slovakia & Poland Tour,  October 2018
2018-10-11 / Ivan from Travel Agency based in Croatia

Dear Peter,
It is very nice of you that you have sent me your feedback, it is really appreciated.
I believe that three of you had a great time and enjoyed in beautiful sights and places you have visited.
Anjali and Prakash were very happy with you and overall itinerary and that is the most important.
I want to believe that our agencies will continue with great cooperation in the future.
Wish you all the best.
Sincerely, Ivan

Guide-driver: Peter B.
For our Indian clients:
10 day Private Slovakia and Poland (Krakow & Warsaw)

Private Ancestry Day Trip, October 2018
2018-10-29 / Karen R. / USA

Dear Peter,
Sorry for the delayed response. My sisters and I feel so blessed to have had the wonderful experience of visiting our ancestor’s villages only made possible with the help of your agency. The day exceeded all of our expectations. Martin was knowledgeable, he had prepared and researched for our visit and was extremely easy to talk to and ask questions of. He made us all feel very comfortable and that day was the highlight of a very long vacation.
Thank you so much.
Regards, Karen

Guide-driver: Martin S.
Private Ancestry Day Trip – Western Slovakia

Private day trip to Budapest, October 2018
2018-10-14 / Donna B. / USA

Thank you Peter for a wonderful day in Budapest. I hope to see you again some day.
Donna B.

Guide-driver: Peter B.
Day trip to Budapest for a group of 4 travelers

Private Ancestry Tour, October 2018
2018-10-13 / Richard & Diane M. / USA
Jane & Peter,
We just wanted to express our full satisfaction with the heritage tour you arranged for us.
Martin  worked very hard to make our tour interesting, enjoyable, and informative.  His translation skills helped us feel comfortable even in the remote areas where little English is spoken.  We especially appreciated that he was able to get us access to the church my grandparents were married in and to converse with the current pastor to learn the history of the church.
We were also very pleased with the hotel accommodations and the vehicle you arranged for us.
We plan to share our pictures and memories with my Martinec cousins.  I would not be at all surprised if several of them contact you to arrange their own tours of Slovakia.
Our only regret is only that we did not make our tour longer. Perhaps we shall return also.

Richard & Diane M.

Guide-driver: Martin S.
24-27 September 2018
Pick up Prague, Slovakia and drop off Vienna
Private Ancestry Tour – Eastern Slovakia

Private Jewish Heritage Tour, Aug 2018

2018-08-12 / Bonnie S. / Canada

Dear Jane and Peter,

Our Slovakian heritage tour was amazing- beyond our greatest expectations.
And we thank you for this.
Everything worked out perfectly. The guides, Martin and Patrick went all out to help us connect with the locals and find what we were looking for, and at our own pace. We found and saw all that we wanted
We found the house where the family hid in Motycky during the war , were greeted by the mayor, and were able to thank the villagers in perpetuity for saving lives. In Nove Zamky, we also found the house the family lived in for 5 yrs post war, and with Patrick’s help, the family now living there, let us in
and showed us warm hospitality . Our return through Budapest, the Dohany Street  synagogue was wonderful an important final excursion.
Martin gave us a great tour of the palace and castle in Buda
We owe you and Jane a huge thank you for all your help. You are expert travel agents and i am so glad that we could see and experience the absolute beauty of of the slovak landscape
and we would be so happy to highly recommend you to anyone looking to travel here.
Be well


Guide-driver: Martin & Patrick
5 day Private Jewish Heritage Tour

Private Hungary-Slovakia-Austria-Czechia tour, July 2018
2018-07-25 / Chris S. / USA

Dear Peter,
from the first moment I contacted you and received your response, I had a good feeling that we were in the right hands.
You exceeded our expectations with your knowledge, kindness and humor. My sincere thanks to you and Jane for making our family holiday a memory we will treasure for many years.

All my best wishes, Chris

Guide-driver: Peter B.
12 day Private Tour

Private Ancestry Trip from Bratislava, July 2018

2018-07-12 / Kathy K. / USA

Dear Peter and Jane-

Just wanted to thank you for making our short stay in the Bratislava area memorable! Once again, Martin was wonderful as our guide to meet with our families and probably knows more about them than he wants to! I will be posting on TripAdvisor, but just wanted to write to you personally my thanks for your assistance.

Guide-driver: Martin S.

Private Slovakia-Czechia Tour, May 2018
2018-05-26 / Christine and Erwin K. / Switzerland

Dear Peter and Jane

First of all: Thank  you for thinking of us. Second, I apologize for not having replied to your request to express my opinion on our Great Slovak-Czech-Tour. I would like to make the following short comments.
We did like Slovakia and Czechia. Since we were there for the first time, everything was, of course, new to us. After the tour, we thought that we got a good insight into the two countries, thanks to your tour program and the informative guidance.

The highlight of our trip? Difficult to say, there were so many interesting things to see and experience. I would say the highlight of the trip was the trip itself.

Thomas was an excellent tour guide. Always friendly in the best way, knowledgeable, flexible, good organizer. Also he let us feel his love for his country which made the acquaintance with him a sometimes quite personal experience.

All in all: We enjoyed our Slovakia & Czech Holiday very much, thanks to the professional organization by you and Jane, your guidance in Bratislava and the very good care and support by Thomas, an excellent private tour guide. We quite often think back to our two weeks in Slovakia and Czech Republic – always with pleasure.

Kindest regards to you and Jane.
Christine and Erwin

Guide-driver: Tomas K.
14 day Private Slovakia-Czechia Tour

Private Jewish Heritage Tour in Slovakia & Krakow

2018-03-30 / TIMI H. / CA / USA

Hi Peter and Jane,

We are safely back in the States (although Lufthansa canceled our return flight and rebooked us at 6 AM!). We had a wonderful time in your lovely country, and found it very interesting. The High Tatras were incredibly beautiful, and we had a totally clear day to go to the very peak.

It is hard to pick one thing – certainly Auschwitz was the most moving and sobering place we visited, but not a place you would want to see again. The walled cities and old churches and frescos were beautiful, and the visits to the Holocaust memorial and Jewish sites in Slovakia were also very moving.

Matt was great. He was informative and helpful, with good suggestions for restaurants, and always looking for something of interest.

All in all, it was a great trip and we are grateful for all your efforts on our behalf.


Guide-driver: Matt T.
11 day Private Jewish Heritage Tour in Slovakia & Krakow

Private trip to Devin castle and Wine Tasting
2018-03-29 / BRIAN M. / USA

Hi Jane,
Thank you very much for the follow up email and sorry for the delayed response, as we are just getting back to the United States. Everything worked out great and I would highly recommend Martin.
He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, he was incredibly flexible and understanding of our situation of traveling with a 3-year old.
The highlights were certainly Devin Castle and the Wine Tasting. Unfortunately, it was a bit cold at Devin Castle so it was a bit rushed, but was really an amazing site.

Thank you again for all your help and we certainly had a great time. Take care.

Guide-driver: Martin S.
Devin castle, Small Carpathian Wine Tour

Private Trips to Budapest and Bratislava
2018-03-26 / NEVETA S. / JAMAICA

Hi Peter.
I’m back in Bologna! Thanks once more for your services, info, help, advice, everything! this weekend. It definitely made the trip enjoyable and worth it.
Take good care!
All the best for your family, travels and business! Feel free to let me know when you finally make it to Jamaica!

Guide-driver: Peter Blazicek
Day1 Full day trip to Budapest
Day2 Trip to Bratislava and Devin castle

Private trip to Banska Stiavnica UNESCO
2018-02-15 / MARK N. / USA

This company was flexible to my needs . Peter was thoroughly knowledgeable , friendly and helpful. The organisation was seamless and beyond expectations.

Recommended for your time in Slovakia.

Guide-driver: Peter Blazicek
Banska Stiavnica – UNESCO medieval town


Private tour, High Tatras-Krakow-Prague
2017-10-29 / DEBBIE S. / PORTLAND / OREGON / USA

Dear Peter,
thank you for the wonderful trip and the great adventure!
You have been so delightful to travel with!
Most sincerely,
Suzie & Mike R.

Dear Peter,
thank you for your excellent tour guiding, friendly spirit and kind heart. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you these past days!
Please keep in touch.

Debbie & Chuck S.


Hi Peter,
Great to hear from you and to know you enjoyed our company as much as we, too, enjoyed you!
Slovakia is scenic, people are friendly, helpful, and the sites we were able to see, were interesting to learn more of your country’s history.
I wrote on your FB msg to say hope your Birthday cake was wonderful!

Yes indeed we will post a wonderful review of our travels with you upon our return to the states. We leave early Wednesday. Prague has been a lovely city too.
Keep in touch Peter as we would love for you and your family to visit us in Portland.
Thank you again. Have special holiday season…I will be thinking of the culinary dishes you make st Christmas.

Fondly Debbie and Chuck

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
Tour: Budapest-High Tatras (Slovakia)-Krakow-Prague
Group of 4

Grand Tour of Slovakia / September
2017-10-06 / MARLENE C. / USA

You run a first-class travel agency with a personal touch, and I will be happy to complete your evaluation. We really enjoyed meeting Jane, your boys, and your mother. Being in your home twice, especially for dinner, was very special.

Michal was a great guide, and an even better genealogist, and I was very happy to meet with a 2nd cousin from both my father’s side in Lubisa and my mother’s side in Divina.

I would not hesitate to recommend your tours to anyone going to Slovakia or to any other place you go.
You work very hard, and you represent your country very well. I wish I could do it all over again.


Guide/driver: Michal R.
Grand Tour of Slovakia

Best of Slovakia Tour, September
2017-10-02 / JAMES PETER B. / UTAH / USA

Peter, All was great. Loved the High Tatras. Marcel did a great job. Thanks to all. Hope to see Vlado Dzugas in Utah this, winter and ski with him. Best wishes. Peter

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Best of Slovakia Tour
Guide/driver: Marcel K.

Private Tour in Slovakia + Vienna + Krakow
2017-09-27 / LINDA F. / OHIO/USA

Hi Peter –
Honestly? Not one regret and I would be happy to highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours. And I would suggest to ask for Matt, if possible. It was beyond our expectations. Just arriving at home last night and having to go to work today, it all seems like a whirlwind. So many wanted to hear my stories. We have many Slovaks that live in this area. I’ve already had one dentist ask about our tour because he would rather not go with a group as well. I think he’s waiting to hear our reviews.

The hotels were excellent and in perfect locations for us. We also appreciated all the breakfasts. I don’t care for slivovica, but drank it anyway. The pilsner was delish.

Matt is someone special. Not sure what he thought of us, but I can say we enjoyed his knowledge and personality immensely. He’s a keeper. Hold on to him as long as you can.

I will go on TripAdvisor to give you excellent reviews, but give me a week. I can’t wait to journal all that we saw and did. I can tell you one thing, Jesus and Pizza everywhere. Matt will know what I’m saying.

Not one favorite hotel because each had something special about it. I couldn’t eat anything but Slovak food. I have other choices here. My favorite is the village up on in the hills that was not touched by the Germans, V….? My shock was the living conditions of the gypsies. I would love to see missionaries come into your country and offer the children education so they have a chance of a normal life.

Again, it was a pleasure to meet you and your very lovely wife, Jane. If you need any suggestions on Pittsburgh, it’s only an hour away. My daughter lives just on the outside and son-in-law works there. I go there all the time for a fun weekend away. It’s known for its excellent restaurants and quite a variety of ethnic neighborhoods. You will also find many offering pierogi’s, but not sure if it’s as good as your country’s.

Goodnight and thank you for your efforts to please. It was greatly appreciated.

Email from Nancy:

Hi Peter & Jane,
I wanted you to know that our trip went very well due to Linda’s planning down to the last detail, and your very professional & gracious accommodations. Weather conditions determined some changes in our plans, but I don’t feel we missed any opportunities that mattered to us. As far as our guide Matt – we would adopt him if he was interested. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and FUN.

We will recommend Best Slovakia Tours to all family, friends & associates. Thank you!
Nancy Hildebrand

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Private Tour for 2
Private Guide/driver: Matt T.

Private Tour around Slovakia / September
2017-09-19 / PAMELA K. / USA

Thank you Jane. Martin picked us up and everything went smoothly. He was very nice and his twins, Martin and Peter (after your husband!), are so cute!

Again, thank you for everything. I wanted to add another thing about Peter. His interpreting with my family members was so important and he did a great at it. I have worked with interpreters before through my work but never in such a personal context. He was very sensitive to allowing my connection to family be primary while his interpreting was ongoing in the background. He made all the arrangements so our meetings went smoothly.
I was amazed at how many hours he could speak in English without getting tired. His photos are so professional and learning about and playing the fujara and Sheperd’s flûtes was another important part of my visit! We both ended up buying several instruments from him as they were of high quality.

I will let you know about the wine after I return home. Several of my business associates will be tasting the wines from Pavelka and also the winemaker I met in Bratislava, Adam from Sykora wines.

This trip was very complicated to plan with so many goals but everything went even better than I thought it would be!

Thank you for caring about making my connections with my family work, especially the special arrangement with Mr. Uhlrad to enter the area where Blazov was. I have already sent pictures to my father and siblings and we are all very moved.

I expect to return and hope my son will visit as well. I hope to contact you when I do. I wish Jane a good trip to Pittsburgh.

I wish you both well and your children too. Please let me know if I can ever assist you!

Private Guide/driver: Peter G.
Private tour through Slovakia + Family History reunion

Best of Slovakia Tour / September
2017-09-15 / JEFF & CAROL P. / UK

Dear Peter, Jane and our dear man with so much wonderful knowledge – Marcel.
So lovely to hear from you, i will certainly put my comments on tripadvisor for you thank you to all of you for the best trip ever for us

i am sure we will be back thanks again,
stay well and safe regards Carol and Jeff

Guide/driver: Marcel K

Private Tour around Slovakia & Budapest / Sept
2017-09-13 / SARITA M. / USA

Jane and Peter,
I want to thank you for a wonderful tour. The planning was great, a balanced mix of city and country along with different hotels. We had such fun in the car with Matt. Matt was a great guide, a mix of attitude and facts. I loved all his opinions.

He is a good representative of Slovakia and added so much to the day with the relatives and created a good plan on a rainy day in the mountains. I mean he even had my brother the priest meet his friend the priest. What a charmed.

Thank you so much. I will be back

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Private Tour around Slovakia for group of 4
+ Budapest
Private Guide/driver: Matt T.

Private Tour – Bratislava, Prague, Vienna / August
2017-09-07 / MARIO V. / CANADA

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your email. We had a wonderful trip and greatly enjoyed ourselves. Too many highlights to count. Enjoyed every stop along the way. Go karting hit a speed bump (no pun intended) but we got to race anyway and it was a lot of fun. I think my kids had a better time than I expected; a welcome surprise.

My kids really enjoyed the kid stuff like go karting, Prater and kayaking in Cesky Krumlov. We also liked the touring of major landmarks in the cities we visited. Matt was a great guide, punctual, prepared, flexible, knowledgeable and interactive. We all liked him. Daniella was also very nice and did a great job with the tour of Bratislava.

I would not remove anything from the itinerary. It was well planned and balanced. I understand your wife deserves credit for that!! Our accommodations were good; our favourite being Hotel Radisson Blu. I probably would have liked to see a little more of Praha but one only has so much time and there is just too much to see.

Overall, A+. Would like to come back sometime in near future and if I plan to tour, will certainly contact you again. Thanks again, enjoy your end of summer/start of fall.


Private Guide/driver: Matt T.
Local guide for Bratislava: Daniela A.

Private Bratislava City Tour and Services
2017-08-18 / BRUNO C. / ROME / ITALY

Dear Peter,
I was just sending you an email beacause I spoke this morning with Prof Neuschuler and he was very happy particularly for your assistance and therefore I thank you very much for your cooperation and I hope to have the opportunity , in future , to do business together.

Best Regards

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
Private Bratislava City tour, Devin trip and transfer services

Private Tour in Western Slovakia
2017-08-15 / ODD LENART L. / NORWAY

Dear Peter and Jane
Thanks a million for doing our holiday extra special this year in Slovakia. We had a fantastic holiday in a beautiful country.

Yes we have decided to choose Hungary and Budapest as holiday next year.
Wish you peter all the best with your company and your wife and two boys.
And next year you will hear from me again

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Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
Out-of-the-beaten places in Western Slovakia
4 day tour

Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica

Hi Peter, Sorry for the late reply.. We were back to KL a week ago only. Tired exhausted but enjoyed the trip.Thank you for making our trip memorable.

Thank you Peter for taking us to Banska Stiavnica. We enjoyed the the visit to the quaint little township. Peter met us at the hotel on time. He was an excellent guide. Explained to us abt Slovakia’s history and the area and views. Drive was Good. He had a great personality that one can trust him to render his services to your request. He gave us a clearer picture about Banska the one time mining town.

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
Banska Stiavnica trip

Private day trip and transfer, July
2017-07-21 / JUNE G / AUSTRALIA

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your email.
Yes, a most enjoyable day today – so glad we did this tour, and lovely to have had Matej share his knowledge about the area ( and many other things) with us.

We are so pleased that we are again travelling with Matej, and especially as he knows the Tatra Mountain area so well.

Sent from my iPad

Private Guide/driver: Matej T.
Day 1: Private trip to Banska Stiavnica
Day 2: Transfer through Slovakia to Krakow. With a TOP guide.

11 Day Tour around Slovakia, July
2017-07-20 / ANNE B. / CANADA

Dear Peter and Jana,
Everything was great about the tour!

Could I have Carleen and Mike’s gmail account to tell them about David please. We were very lucky that the surgery happened after the tour and not half way through. David and Michael are coming back to Canada on Saturday.

My friend tells me you showed us all we needed to see of Vienna. Thanks Anne

“Your tour guide Michael is beyond excellent! He did a wonderful job of finding some of John’s relatives today and taking us to two towns – Kazimir and a town where John’s father lived.. We even meet the mayor of Kazimir!
I went through the cave and my hip is much better because of doing the cave. lol Anne” 11 day Tour around Slovakia
Guides-drivers: Peter B. and Michal R

Private tour in Slovakia, July
2017-07-20 / MARK O. / USA

First trip to Slovakia and first experience with Best Slovakia Tours. My daughter has taken an interest in her family heritage (her great grandfather was born in Slovakia).

Peter and Jane put together an itinerary that showed us how truly beautiful and amazing the country is and helped us track down a village where my family is from. Peter is a great guide. Extremely knowledgeable, easy going, fun and has great taste – from lodging and dining to hidden gems of history. Bratislava is magical. Banstra Stiavnica is stunning. The wooden houses of Vlkolinec. Kosice’s quiet elegance. Castles. Strbske Pleso and the breathtaking majesty of the High Tatras.
And a great recommendation for our extra night in Vienna. The trip was active but restful and Peter is very collaborative in mapping out private tours. We even made a last minute change to stop in Piestany to meet the family of an AFS student we’ll be hosting in the USA this upcoming school year.
We will definitely be back, and will definitely work with Peter, Jane and Best Slovakia Tours. We have more castles, more beer, more wine, more villages and more great food to experience. Thanks Best Slovakia Tours for the adventure of a lifetime!

Private tour in Slovakia, July
Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
All of Slovakia + Detva Folk Festival

Private Tour of Slovakia / June-July
2017-07-15 / ANNE & JOHN C. / YORK, UK

Dear Peter and Jana,
Thanks for making our trip to Slovakia so special. I really wanted to say ‘thank you’, dakujem to you, Jana, for the lovely meal. I’m sorry we weren’t there to help you clear up. We will be practising the courses and cooking it for our walking friends. We particularly loved the lentil soup as it is such great food for eating when we’re preparing for a walk. I loved going to the koliba with Peter and am quite taken with Slovakian pastries. You can tell by my shape that I love my food can’t you!

All the accommodation was great so thanks for your expert knowledge of hotels and restaurants, both of you. I’ll be getting around to writing a good review on Tripadvisor once I’ve gone through this pile of emails.

We got on really well with Marcel and loved his knowledge of the mountains and hills, although I was a bit of a wimp and couldn’t do everything he offered, such as cycling. (John enjoyed it though.) However, we really enjoyed rafting and walking with him. He took us to some very interesting places, such as the wooden churches and the old village with the railway.

We are so impressed with Slovakia! It seems such a go-ahead and optimistic country. So thank you again for such a memorable stay.

Love to all of you,
Anne and John Carlill

Private Guide/driver: Peter B. & Marcel K

Bratislava City Tour & Castle / June
2017-07-05 / MAYTE S. / SPAIN

Hi Jane,
Yes, we had a lovely day indeed and Daniela was just a wonderful guide.
Thanks again for all your help.
Best wishes,
Mayte S..

Tour Guide: Daniela

Private Short Tour of Slovakia / June
2017-07-02 / LISA R. / FLORIDA, USA

Hey guys!
We are back in the States and I was able to submit the review just now.

Thank you again for an amazing trip. Alex said Slovakia was his favorite part of our
European adventure and I’d agree!

We hope you have a great time in America. Come and call on us if you can.

Until next time,

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
Short Tour of Slovakia + Hiking in High Tatras

Private Transfer & Guide services, June 2017

Hi Peter,
Thank you for coming through and being as wonderful as the reviews I had read about you.
My favorite city was Budapest. It is a city of intrigue but then again my grandfather was born there so the visit had a deeper meaning. I thought Bratislava with you was the ultimate way to see the capital. You took us to the place (Houdini) where we had the best meal during our trip. Prague has charm but with all the tourists – it did not feel as authentic as the other cities.

Overall, the trip was wonderful and you were a part of its success.
I will write something in trip advisor. I also recommended you to my travel agent.

Have fun on your Italian vacation


Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
Budapest-Bratislava, from Vienna to Prague
Lunch break in Houdini restaurant / Marrols

Private Bratislava City Tour / June
2017-06-26 / JASMIN G / VIENNA / AUSTRIA

Dear Peter,
Thank you, she was really good and we enjoyed it 🙂
I already recommended you to a friend – family Schindler, which will probably contact you soon for a tour.

All the best,

Private City Tour guide: Jana T.

Cave Driny & Modra Coffe & Cake Break
2017-06-12 / RICO / SWITZERLAND

Dear Peter,
Thank you for the tour. The group was absolutely happy with the service, especially with you as a perfect guide.

I wish you and your family a wonderful summer.

Best wishes,

Group of 7
Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek

Private Day Trips to Trencin and more / May
2017-05-31 / CATHY & YVES B. / CANADA

Hi Peter!
Thank you very much for trips with us in Slovakia. It is hard to choose our favorite place but maybe it was Vlkolinec. It was such a pretty little place and we were glad you suggested it.
We really enjoyed having a private guide. It was a new experience for us and we might do that again!!

Thanks again. We enjoyed your company and your tours!
Cathy and Yves B.

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Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
3x Day Trips to Trencin town, Banska Stiavnica and Vlkolinec village

Day Trip to Cachtice castle / May
2017-05-23 / NICOLE H. / USA

Hello Peter,
Thanks again for taking us out! We had a great time.

Take it easy,

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek

Czech-Slovak Tour / May
2017-05-17 / DEBRA B. / AUSTRALIA

Hi there, just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for everything you have both done in organising our tour. We have been out of email contact for a few days, hence the delay in sending this!

Marcel was terrific and everything went smoothly. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We will post a comment on your website when I get good internet coverage!
Thanks again, Debra and Gary B.

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Private Guide/driver: Marcel K.

Bojnice & Cicmany Private Trip / April
2017-05-07 / RADOVAN B. / SOUTH KOREA

Private Day Trip for 5 clients from South Korea:

“Dobrý deň pani Blažíčková,
Klienti boli naozaj spokojný. Vybrali sme Vašu firmu náhodne ale sme spokojný.”

S pozdravom,
Ing. Radovan B., PhD.

Private Guide/driver: Matt T.

Private Day Trip in Trnava region / May
2017-05-05 / JOAN S. / USA

Dear Jane:

Both Daniela and the driver did an excellent job. Her research and language skills were most helpful. We realize we could never have accomplished the trip on our own.

We will see you tonight and a driver tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

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Driver: Milan K.
Guide: Daniela A.

Short Private Tour in Slovakia / April
2017-05-01 / JAMES M. / USA

Peter and Jane, thank you for the excellent service on our trip.

The tour was very well planned. All the things that you (and Michal) set up worked out fine. The meetings in Rajec worked out well. The cemetery gate was open and someone did meet us at the synagogue in Trencin.
We did not in fact find my great grandfather’s tombstone. The entire area was in poor condition and many stones have deteriorated over the years. But there was no way around that.

The hotels were excellent.
The high point was definitely visiting Rajec and meeting the mayor of Kamenna Poruba. All of us enjoyed actually seeing the towns.

Michal was very accommodating about varying our tour on the spot, according to what we wanted to see.

I asked Michal to translate a few short passages in the Kamenna Poruba history archive. I have not received them yet. I will send him an email in a few days if i don’t get them. He also took some pictures for us with his camera–I would like to get them.

If you want a quote . . . .
Peter and Michal organized an excellent tour for our family. We visited the village from which our great-grandfather emigrated in 1883 and discovered things that we could never have found on the internet.

It was inspiring to see the beautiful area where he spent his childhood. We also visited several other places that illustrated the Jewish life in Slovakia in the nineteenth century.
Thank you, Peter.

regards, Jim

Private Guide/driver: Michal R.

Private Tour of Slovakia + Prague / April
2017-04-29 / MICHAEL K. / USA

Dear Peter:

The tour was great overall. Marcel was a tremendous guide, he knows the area and the people of the region extremely well. He was very flexible in spite of some of the weather issues.
He took us to so many places where we saw the real Slovakia, without his demeanor and skillful maneuvering I don’t think we would have been able to enter the home of my cousins wife in Kvasov.
He took us to really good restaurants and steered us towards some really special foods native to the areas we visited. We really enjoyed the conversations we had w/Marcel, especially concerning the communist occupation and historical perspective of Slovakia’s political history.
I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to visit Slovakia’s mountains and the lowland surrounding those regions.

Matt, was very knowledgeable and did a great job for us in seeing as much as we could see in Prague in the limited time we had there, I will definitely recommend him as well.

The highlights of the trip was the castle in Bratislava, all the Tatras activities and places, Spis castle, obviously Kvasov and eventually Prague. We would come back in a heartbeat to see the rest. I am interested in the grand tour of Slovakia, and the Czech-Slovak Private Tour.

We hope to do either of these tours w/your company.
Sincerely, Michael and Elisabeth K.

Private Guide/driver: Marcel K.
Private Guide/driver for Prague: Matt T.

Private Trip to Bojnice Chateau & Cicmany / April
2017-04-16 / BRETT P. / CANADA

My wife and I picked the Bojnice Chateau and Cicmany private trip and hoped it would be a relaxing, romantic day in the middle of our European trip. We were not disappointed. Peter picked us up from our hotel in Bratislava and the car was very clean and comfortable (leather seats).

Peter was very knowledgeable not just about specific sights on the drive to Bojnice Castle but general history of Slovakia and able to provide insights and context. Bojnice Chateau was even lovelier than the photos we had seen on the internet and had many surprise rooms inside. Important to know: if you go in shoulder season (we were there in April), the Chateau may only have tours in Slovak running. There were no options to tour the inside without a guide. In our case, this was no issue because Peter translated along the tour. A surprise was the Bojnice zoo right beside the Chateau (we didn’t go to it).
We stopped for lunch at BioGraf (aka Stare kino) restaurant which had a large menu, good prices and good beer selection.
Next we drove to Čičmany , which has preserved the traditional wooden homes with their unusual decorations. This is a very quiet, hillside village that has protected status and I liked the traditional crafts that were for sale.
Good to know: this village is quite small and the interpretive signs are in Slovak which Peter translated for us. We then traveled straight back to Bratislava (2hrs). I would recommend this tour if you have more than 2 days in Slovakia and want a break from city sightseeing.

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek

Private Short Tour of Slovakia / April
2017-04-08 / PATH N. / LONDON / UK

“Hi Peter!
Thank you very much for organising a memorable trip for me and son. Pravin liked the cave and the museum very much. Specially the snow. Looking after Pravin during my treatment is a great help. Thanks.l enjoyed taking photos around the scenic Slovakia and the food in the penzioni. Enjoyed the company with you.
Give my regards to your family.
See you soon.
Thanks, Pat.

Sent from my iPhone”

Private driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Bratislava-Piestany-High Tatras and Spiss area

Private Day Trip to Bojnice & Cicmany / April
2017-04-07 / ANTHONY T. / HONK KONG

Dear Peter,
Thanks for your touring services. We are fine with the private trip.
Hope to see you next time.

Cheers, Anthony

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek

Private Devin Trip & Budapest / March 2017
2017-04-05 / CLAUDIA L. / NYC / USA

Hi Peter, Greetings from Lucerne, Switzerland. Sorry for not replying earlier. We’ve since visited Austria, Liechtenstein and now in Switzerland. Leaving for home tomorrow morning. I’ll write a review when I’m back in NYC.

Thank you for being our guide/driver.

Email #2

Hey Peter,
Hope all is well with you and family.
Here is the blog post which I mentioned you and your tour company. Feel free to share:

Private Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica, March 2017
2017-03-27 / TOBY W. / UK

Hi Peter, Many thanks for sorting our day trip at such short notice. It was a fantastic visit, and great to see a bit more of what Slovakia has to offer.
The rest of the holiday went well – I thought Budapest was a great place, very attractive and interesting city to spend a couple of days in.

Please do send through some potential itineraries – as discussed I’d be very interested to see what might be possible and the kind of costs involved.

Cheers, Toby

Private Trip to Cicmany, then to Budapest

“Dear Peter: drive safely back to Bratislava. It was fun today. Thank you for everything.”

Rawisuda S. / Thailand

Private Guide/driver: Peter Blazicek
Group of 3, Bratislava > Cicmany & Trencin and drop off in Budapest

Private day trip from Bratislava, March 2017
2017-03-06 / JAMES P. / NETHERLANDS

“Peter: Everything was great.
Thanks again, James”

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Group of 4
Bratislava > Devin castle > Trnava > Nitra & drop off in Banska Stiavnica
Special bonus: Drazovce church (on the picture)

Transfer and Tour guide services, Jan 2017
2017-01-30 / ANCA I / BUCUREST / ROMANIA

Dear Peter,

Everything was perfect. I was really pleased with all the services.
Thank you so much for a great collaboration!
Anca I. / Romania

Services for a group of 19 business travelers with Mercedes Benz Sprinter:
Transfer services in Bratislava
Vienna airport pickup / drop off
Tour guide services – Bratislava Old town & Castle with Peter B.

Short Trip of Slovakia Dec 2016

“Dear Peter Blazicek and Jana Blazickova, we have safely arrived back home after our extended Winter Wonderland holiday in Slovakia and Austria.
We would like to thank you and your company #bestslovakiatours for an amazing 5 days in Slovakia. We appreciated the professional way in which you conducted our personalised tour and most definately the hospitality of inviting us to your house for a wonderful supper.
Thank you for driving us safely, for going out of your way to accomodate us beyond the description of the tour and thanks for the great knowledge you shared with us.

We would love to be back for more and highly recommend your company for anybody who wishes to tour Slovakia and surrounds.
Kind regards and best wishes! Jaco, Denina, Lize and Lara.”


Private Honeymoon Tour in Slovakia, Nov 2016
2016-11-28 / LINDA & JD / ALABAMA / USA

Jane and Peter,
thank you!

Linda and JD will never forget our honeymoon in Slovakia!
Our magical moments will be with us always!!!
We will hang our picture done in Praha in our home.
We can never thank you enough for all that you did for us.

Linda Weeks

A truly wonderful experience for sure – we appreciate your efforts and wish for you and the family the very best. We hope to travel with you again.

Best Always, JD

Oh, Peter and Jane…words cannot tell you how happy and pleased we are with every part of the journey we had. The smile and sparkle in Linda’s eyes tells me all I need to know about how much she enjoyed the trip. Your family is lovely and we do appreciate the invitation to visit your home and Family! And the tours were breathtaking and beautiful. We will for sure visit the Trip Advisor site and Linda is telling everybody she sees…and you know she can talk!

We were so behind with everything here at home, and I just finished downloading the 800+ photos I took…and now I have more to download from you. I will begin on that now….and thank you and Jane again, we have had so much fun and enjoyment…and your and your Family have been a large part of it. More later….JD

Private driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Tour: Slovakia + Vienna, Budapest, Prague

Private Day Trip to Trencin, November 2016
2016-11-14 / ERIKA / MALTA

Dear Peter,
A short thank you (a will write a proper email and a trip advisor review in d coming days) for a lovely days. They really enjoyed and could not stop talking about d lovely places u visited and your hospitality.
Photos received with thanks (still have to open some of them). Thanks for taking care of my family & being a great guide to a beautiful country.
Best regards

Sent from my iPhone

Private tour in Slovakia,
2016-11-10 / FAY & ED / CANADA

My husband and I returned last week from Slovakia, where we spent time in Bratislava, Kosice and several locations in between. We travel often, and were amazed at how much Slovakia has to offer – numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sights, excellent hotels, good meals, very palatable wine, friendly people, and no crowding – all priced very attractively.

Our guide, Peter Blazicek, was a gem. Full of knowledge and enthusiasm, excellent companion, linguist, and driver, he was the guide one always wants but doesn’t always find.
He and his wife, Jane, who drove us from the Vienna airport to our Bratislava hotel, were great from beginning to end. Any visit to that area of Europe would be enhanced by their presence.

Read this review on trip advisor

Private Small Carpathian Wine Tour, Oct 2016
2016-11-03 / JENNY & SCOTT / USA

Good morning,

Thank you for your email!
We enjoyed Vienna very much – it’s a much larger city than I thought, so we don’t feel that we saw enough of it. We will just have to come back, I guess!
Thank you again for such a wonderful day. I’m sorry we got so confused with the time change, but thank you for being so flexible with us about it.

We had a fabulous time and will never forget the hospitality you and your family showed us. My best to your mother and your two boys.
Take care,
Jenny & Scott

Read this review on trip advisor

Private Trip to Tiger Oasis, Oct 25, 2016
2016-10-24 / KRISTIN G. / LONDON / UK

Hi Peter,

Yes, we really loved the Tiger Oasis! It was the boys’ favorite part of the trip!
Thanks again for taking us!


Private tour of Slovakia, Poland + Prague
2016-10-18 / JAN& ED M. / USA

Dear Peter and Jane,

Jan and I would like to thank you both for all your work to make this a wonderful trip. The itinerary and the scheduling all went very well.
From the moment we landed in Bratislava until we finished in Prague the trip was outstanding. You, Marcel, and Peter really knew the history, and the sights of the towns and areas we visited.
We cannot tell you how much we appreciated Marcel taking us to Konus and Secovska Polianka, and interpreting for us during our visit to the area and the visit with my cousin. This visit will always be close to our hearts and it will always be a cherished memory.

But it was not just the family visit that made this trip so wonderful. Visiting the Churches, the old castles, museums and towns, learning more about the history of Slovakia and Poland, and taking the time to go to the High Tatras just added to our enjoyment of this tour. It could not have been a better experience for Jan and I.

Thank you again for a wonderful and very successful tour. We were very happy with all the planning and effort that you and Jane put into our tour, and with the expertise and knowledge of our tour guides Marcel and Peter. Would we use and recommend the Best of Slovakia Tours – Yes we would!

You may use any and all of this on your website. If you need us to write something somewhere else let us know. We did get Marcel and Peter’s pictures.Will we be getting a copy of your pictures?

Best of Regards,
Jan and Ed M.

Driver-guide: Marcel K. + Peter G.

Private 2Day Trip in Slovakia, October 2016
2016-10-15 / MARGARET I. / USA

Peter, our trip was beyond what we expected. Matej did a fantastic job of showing us the best of Slovakia in 48 hours. We saw things and places I never expected. We both to this day are still so surprised at how beautiful Slovakia is.
I expected a flat geography.

Matej was very responsive to all our questions and we had many. He apprised us of the history, both recent and past of the country. I am proud to be of Slovakian heritage. We particularly enjoyed finding my mother’s home, especially as we had only pictures taken 15 years ago to go on. He was so very helpful in getting us right to the spot. We found it very moving. I have shared my pictures with my late mother’s sisters and my own family.

We will certainly recommend you to out friends and family thinking of going to Slovakia. It is an undiscovered gem. Matej took us to two beautiful spots for lunches, places we would have never have known about.

Thanks again for all your help in organizing this whirlwind trip. It could not have been easy for Matej with all the driving, but he did an amazing job for us. If you’re ever thinking of coming to Canada, please let us know. We would love to show you parts of our country.

Thanks again. Margaret I.

Private Trips, October 2016
2016-10-14 / AMALIA M. / BOLIVIA

Private Day trip to: Banska Stiavnica

Private Day trip to: Budapest Day Trip with adds on:
Boat ride and evening performance of Hungarian Folk Dance

Spanish speaking Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Romania Expedition, Sept-Oct 2016
2016-10-07 / JUAN M., JUDITH B., BRUCE S. / USA

Peter, thank you for everything on this tour. Your attention to your clients and to all details are awesome. Mil gracias, tu amigo Juan.

Judith & Bruce:
Dear Peter and Jana, Bruce and i can’t thank you enough for helping us realize our dream of traveling to Romania.
Thank you for your care, your expertise, your good driving on those long travel days. It was so nice to be with “family” exploring such a varied and interesting country…
Although i like Slovakia best !
We look forward to future trips together, Bruce & Judy.

Romania Expedition – 11 days Through Everything 😉

From Budapest to Baia Mare > Sapanta > Gura Humorului > Brasov > Bucurest > Transfagarasan Highway DN7 > Sibiu……and end of the tour in Budapest

Private tailor-made tour in Slovakia, Sept-Oct 2016

Peter: again, it was wonderful. Last time, we thought our trip would be our last.
This time, we know we will be returning.

Thank you for everything, Pam

Driver-guide: Peter & Marcel

Private day trip – Family Roots in Slovakia
2016-09-22 / JON P. / USA

Ahoj Peter and Jane!

I very much enjoyed my trip to Myjava and the surrounding area with Matej on Sunday. He is a very fun person to spend a Sunday afternoon with. I very much appreciated his knowledge of Slovakia and of the area in particular.
Whenever we needed some direction or further information Matej was very willing to ask the locals. That made the trip more informative for sure. He was not shy about asking! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this because you already know, but he is a very good representative of your business and I’m sure you feel luck to have him as such.

Based on the information that Michal had gathered I think we got very close to where my great-grandparents lived as children. Maybe not to the exact address but most likely to the same street at least. I am confident that I got to see some of the same hills and valleys that they saw before leaving for America. It was a very memorable day and the trip of a lifetime for me.

Thank you for your assistance in putting this trip together for me. I appreciated the “door to door” service that Matej provided. It was easy and convenient for me which made the day more enjoyable. Other than maybe a little more sunshine I could not have asked for the day to be more perfect. I will be sharing all of the details of my trip with my sisters upon my return and of course the photos as well.

I wish you continued success with your business in the years to come…

Thank you again!

Private driver-guide: Matej
Genealogy research: Michal

Private Best of Slovakia tour & Extra days / September

Thank you, Peter.

We have had the most wonderful ten days, traveling in comfort and visiting places and seeing things that have been truly amazing.
We can’t pick favorites but among the best was the two tiny churches, the wooden one and the one with the frescoes.

Since we first contacted you we have been impressed by your efficiency, kindness and knowledge.
Slovakia will always be remembered as a highlight for us.

Email#2 from 21 Sept 2016:

Dear Peter and Jane
I am so sorry that I have not written earlier. Thank you so much, Jane for the delicious lunch and to both of you for making time for us. It was a relaxing couple of hours at the end of a truly wonderful week.
Peter, your whole approach made Slovakia ‘come alive’ for us and we feel that we have now a little real understanding of you country and its history and people. I have included ‘my scribblings’. I hope that I have got things right. Noel and I like to remember our holidays together and the pictures that we take go with what I have written to help us recall some of our happiest times.
Since we left you we have not stopped for in Latvia and Estonia we were with old friends whom we may not see again. In Vienna we had three hectic days with our son and his family. It was good to catch up.
Today we have a free day in Zagreb and then in another week we will be driving to the airport in Rome to go home.
So thank you both for providing us with a week that made a profound impression on us. Rosemary and Noel

Rosemary & Noel / Australia

Driver-guide: Peter B.
Best of Slovakia + 2 additional days in the Eastern Slovakia

Private Short Trip of Slovakia, Aug-Sept
2016-09-08 / FARIDA M. / MUMBAI /INDIA

Dear Peter,

Thanks for taking us around n giving us a wonderful time in Slovakia.

Hope all well at home.
Did ur wife like small token of appreciation n halwasoon.
We are at turkey airport for our home journey.


Group of 4 on a short tour of Slovakia + Eger town & Budapest.

Hut to Hut Tour in High Tatras
2016-08-15 / MARY ANN M. / MAINE / USA

“Hi Peter & Jane,
No hiking today … Just went for a 3k run with grandchildren , then ubahn for shopping for school. Tomorrow on he River.
Had a great time in Slovakia with you & loved the mountains.
When I get back to Maine will send you pics and other possible ideas for your future services.
Miss you both already,
MAM – Mary Ann M.”

Email#2 from Stephanie:
Vienna was very interesting but I miss Slovakia.
Thanks for being such a good sport. We had such a Good time.
I.m off to Italia tomorrow..
Will be in touch.

Family History Tour, July 2016
2016-08-03 / ALLAN G. / USA

Dear Peter and Jane – We just returned from our travels yesterday.

Your website states: “You can rely on our deep, local expertise to ensure your travels are unique, enlightening and enriching.” This was 100% true in our case, which I sincerely tried to reflect in the review that I just posted on Trip Advisor.

Best regards — Allan

Driver-guide: Peter B.

Grand Tour of Slovakia, July 2016

In July this year my wife and I visited Slovakia and took the “Grand” tour of Slovakia with Best Slovakia Toirs. As far as we were concerned everything was first class. It was a small group tour of just three couples and we travelled in a minivan.
Peter was our guide and he was excellent, with a first class local knowledge of history and local information.

All our accommodation was excellent, with breakfast being provided each day, but we had the flexibility of choosing where to eat for lunch and evening meal. Peter was able to advise us on a suitable restaurant to suit our food and price preference. The scenery in Slovakia is excellent, and we had the opportunity to walk lots on towns and in mountain tracks, all optional, but we took advantage of the opportunity to walk in this magnificent country.

All museum and other attractions were included in our pricing package, making for a smooth admittance to the venues. Our four was about ten days and we really could not have been happier. We had pre-arranged to extend our tour to include Vienna and Salzburg.
This was personal for just my wife and I and again it was excellent. Peter’s wife Jane Joined us for one of our days in Vienna and she was delightful and very hospitable. (Peter and Jane are the owners).
We have travelled extensively and without doubt this was by far the most informative, most comfortable and most enjoyable trip.

I have no hesitation in recommending this operator and would certainly use them again when the opportunity arises. They do run tours all over that part of Europe. We also judge the cost to be reasonable especially when we we accommodated in first class hotels most of the time.
We saw lots and did lots of things but there was free time and plenty of free time. It was nothing like the hustle and bustle of the large bus tours. Very relaxing. We are very happy to recommend Best Slovakia on the personalised service of Peter and Jane.

Email from a couple from USA Jim & Joan (they were part of the group):

Hello, Peter and Jane. We had a safe trip back. We were delighted with our trip: excellent guides, beautiful scenery, great accommodations, and many interesting sights along with much informative history.
The trip to Brehy was just what I had wanted. The guide, Rudolph, was there when we arrived. We had a look at the town, saw the church where my father was probably baptized, and walked around the adjacent cemetery.
We located three different headstones with names like those in my family. The whole visit took about one hour.
Thank you very much for arranging a wonderful vacation. Joan and Jim

Peter B. & Marcel K.

Extra driver for Jim&Joan: Rudolph

Private Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica
2016-07-16 / AMANDA / USA

Peter, We got home Sunday and we are busy planning another trip to New Zealand on July 31. I submitted a review on TripAdviser yesterday and hope you like it. I look forward to enjoying your wife’s cooking in the future. Amanda

From Tripadvisor website:
Thank you for the relaxing day in the beautiful historical mining City, Banska Stiavnica. From the moment we got into your meticulously clean vehicle, we felt safe and comfortable. You did not waste any time to talk about the history and culture of Slovakia; you were attentive and organized. Of course the wonderful lunch at Café 4 Soche was also an experience that we would never forget!
Wade & Amanda, Dallas, Texas

Family History Tour, 12-19 June 2016
2016-06-19 / JIM G. / ATLANTA & OHIO & CHICAGO / USA

Dear Peter,
wow-what a week it has been!
It has been a rare and precious opportunity to explore Slovakia and our family heritage. With you at our side – your knowledge, experience, patience and enthusiastic personality – we’ve had an amazing, successful experience in Slovakia.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make our dream come true.
We will always remember your exceptional service and hope to travel with you again.
Until then…

Best to you and your lovely family!
Jim & Pat G., Chris & Ray Ch., Maria T. and Carol S.

Driver-guide-translator: Peter B. Slovakia + Krakow

Grand Tour of Slovakia, May-June 2016
2016-06-10 / JANET F. / COLORADO / USA


Great trip to Slovakia!! It really was the best: such history, culture, wonderful food and beer. I loved the medieval towns, castles, the green countryside, the cave and the Tatras.

Jane was a careful driver and guide Annamaria was always ready with loads of information about every place we went.
And we had such a good time, I felt like part of the family. I am sure I will return. THANK YOU!!

Driver: Jane
Guide: Annamaria

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia + Budapest, May 2016
2016-06-08 / DAN & DIANE K. / USA

Dear Jane & Peter,

thank you for your caring service and most of all your continuing friendship.
Diane, Dan & Angie

Hi peter and jane, thanks again for the fabulous dinner at your home! i am working on the gift for you, it will probably take about 2 weeks till it can be shipped. i haven’t forgotten my promise. we all enjoyed our trip and thank you again for your expertise on slovakia.

Driver-guide: Peter B. & Erik S.

We were very happy to welcome this family for the 3rd time on our tours;)
Proud on our highest priority: Quality, Details, Personal Touch

Short Slovakia Trip, May 2016
2016-06-07 / STEVEN L. / LONDON, UK

Hi Peter,

Hello and hope you are well. Just wanted to say another huge thanks for a great trip. We all felt very sad to say goodbye to you when you dropped us off in Krakow!

I want to leave some feedback on your website but I can’t work out how to do it. Where can I write a review?

James and I want to return in August for a couple of days and wondered whether you would be able to accommodate us again?

We are keen to climb the big (crooked!) peak in High Tatras and also visit Paradise National Park. Depending on flight times we would also ideally like a day in between to recover at the water park.

Could you drop me a line back with a suggested itinerary and price?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Driver-guide: Peter B. Hiking Trips: Mala Fatra national park + Teryho cottage in High Tatras

Private Day Trips, Kuty, Sastin-Straze, Skalica
2016-04-28 / MARK D. / USA

Yes. Thanks. We are very appreciative of your services. This was the first time any member of our American family had been back to Slovakia since Michael Pavlovic emigrated in 1892 to New York.
It was wonderful to meet Antonia Pavlovicova and see that a strong Catholic faith and involvement has remained an extended family tradition.

Thank you, too for connecting us with Fr. Frantisek Mosco.”
Mark and Cecelia D.

Bratislava City Tour & Private trip to Schloss Halbturn
2016-04-25 / MARKUS W. / SWITZERLAND

“Geschätzter Peter

Besten Dank für die Zustellung der Photos. In der Anlage übermittle ich Dir – wie versprochen – das detaillierte Reiseprogramm sowie das bebilderte Kurzprogramm, das ich den Kollegen vorab hatte zukommen lassen.

Jana und Du haben es verstanden, uns Bratislava, die Geschichte der Stadt und des Landes, aber eben auch bleibende Eindrücke des “früheren” und aktuellen Lebensalltags näher zu bringen. Alle Reiseteilnehmer haben das sehr geschätzt. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass der eine oder andere Kollege die Region bei nächster Gelegenheit – sei es mit der Familie, sei es mit einem anderen Verein – wieder einmal besuchen wird. Ich habe Deine “Koordinaten” allen Kollegen weitergeleitet, so dass sie nun wissen, wo der beste Service vor Ort gebucht werden kann.

Nochmals herzlichen Dank und bis bald wieder einmal. Liebe Grüsse – von uns allen – auch an Jana.”

Markus W.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter B.
Bratislava City Guide: Jana T.
Private Wine tasting in Schloss Halbturn/Burgenland/Austria
Group of 7

Private Day Trips to Mikulov, Vienna and Budapest
2016-04-19 / MARGIE D. / USA

“Hi Peter, I will certainly give my friend the contact information regarding the Jewish tour. We did enjoy our time in Budapest. We were able to actually see some of the homes our relatives had lived and we visited St. Stephen’s church where our grandfather and three of his siblings had been baptized.
For me that was very moving. Had to imagine we could be standing there all these many years later.
WOW! Additionally our guide had printed some old photographs of what the buildings had looked like when our relative lived there. It was quite remarkable.

I would be very happy to send our impressions of our time with you in Mikuluv and Vienna. It will have to come after I get home from Texas.

I’m leaving tomorrow (Wed.) for home a few days earlier than I had planned ’cause I’m ready to be at my own home.
Here’s a funny story for you – we got to the airport on Sunday for our trip home only to discover we were suppose to have flown out of Budapest on SATURDAY!!!!!
We were able to get the flight to London but we weren’t sure we would be able to get the flight from London to Dallas. Fortunately a very nice lady at American Airlines was able to get us on a flight that day and we got to Dallas around 9:30 Dallas time on Sunday. We were even able to get Business Class as we had originally booked.
My best to you both – Margie

Dear Peter and Jane,
We were thrilled that Jane joined us and we both said you are a delightful young couple. We are still talking about the wonderful experiences you provided to us. Our days with you were the highlight of our trip and both Bob and I agree that Bratislava was our favorite destination.
We will be meeting with all the family tonight to share our stories and pictures. Thank you so much for the ones you sent. I hope to eventually put together an album so they will be a nice addition.
If you ever need a recommendation for future clients, please don’t hesitate to give them our contact information.

It would be such a pleasure for us to welcome you to the US. You’d have two very different experiences—Maryland being on the east coast and Texas being in the southwest.
Our best to you both and to your boys! May the coming years be joyous ones for you all.
Margie and Bob

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter B.
Private day trip to Mikulov, CZ
Bratislava – Blue church + Devin castle
Private day trips to Vienna and Budapest

Day Trip to Siberian Tiger Oasis
2016-04-15 / DENISE J. / UK

“Peter: Sorry we’ve not replied to your e mail till today been busy with work now we’re back in the UK.We did enjoy the trip to see the Siberian tigers last Saturday 9th April.

It was a very unique experience to get up close and personal with them,we hope to return to Bratislava one day as we also very much enjoyed our time there as well and maybe do another one of your tours.Thank you once again for the tour and also the pictures you emailed to us.”
Denise J. and Andrew N.

Big Scandinavian Trip 2016
2016-02-28 / ZHEN Z. / BEIJING / CHINA

” Dear peter,
I am glad too that you liked this trip, and I have to thank for you in the whole trip. Wish your success in school and all the works, also I will start to work in my office today. Let us keep contact with each other.”

Take care and wishing you all the best.
Zhen from China

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
28day tour through: Austria-Czech republic-Germany

1, Denmark
2, Sweden
3, Absolute Highlights: Norway – Polar Lights & NordKapp visit
4, Finland

Returning back through:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland…CZ..Vienna/A.

More about this expedition in our BLOG


Ancestry Private Day Trip, 19 Dec 2015
2015-12-08 / BETTE & GROUP / MA, USA

” Hello Peter, I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you once again for being such a wonderful guide and companion during our trip to Bratislava.

You made our trip So wonderful and memorable! ”
Sincerely, Bette C.
Sent from my iPad

Small Carpathian Private Tour
2015-12-08 / AMANDA / WA, USA

” Thank you Peter we had a great time on our tour with you! We had our delicious wine tonight! 🙂

Can’t wait to hear about your trip in January! Keep in touch! ”
Happy Holidays! :), Amanda & Charlotte / USA

Private High Tatras 2 Day Trip
2015-11-23 / SABYA / LONDON, UK

“Thank u very much for organising the tour and taking us around. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed a lot. Thank u for sending me the photographs.
They are just breathtaking. I hope the venture was equally enjoyable and profitable for u” Kind regards , Take care. Sabya

Private Small Carpathian Wine Tour

” Hola Peter,
Safe and sound back in Spain. Gracias por tu trabajo profesional y amable. Ha sido un placer visitar Slovakia con tu ayuda. Recomendaré tus servicios a mis colegas.
Un cordial saludo y salud. ”
David and group from Salamanca / Spain

Private Bratislava City Tour
2015-11-07 / TANIA / GREECE

” Dear Peter, Sorry for not responding to you earlier. There was absolutely no problem at all with the slight delay don’t worry at all. In fact, we really enjoyed our tour and Wendy was perfect. We had a perfect time in Bratislava and we will definitely come back!
I will also write a good review for your fim in Tripadvisor one of these days and will surely recommend you to any friends visting Bratislava.
Once again, thank you so much for your assistance. ” Best Regards, Tania

Ancestral Tour in Slovakia + Vienna + Budapest
2015-10-10 / TOM & BARBARA, TOM & JUDY, VIVIEN / PA / USA

” Dear Peter,
Just a note to thank you again for the wonderful tour you led us on. We were delighted by your commitment to make sure that everything worked out well for us even when we ran in to obstacles such as the hotel problem in Budapest.

We don’t know how you manage to maintain your energy level and take care of so many day-to-day details. During our dinner the night before we flew home, we all discussed what we thought were the highlights of the tour, and we came up with many.
We especially appreciated your help with the dinner in Zilina and the contact with the relatives and others with expertise in the region.

Our task–Barbara’s task, really, since she is the lead researcher–is to assemble all of the information collected and then continue the search for information about the Lalinsky family, with the aid of Peter, Vlado, Tibor, and others. We hope that you were able to return home in time for supper on Wednesday evening and then enjoy a few days of rest.

Please give our name to anyone who contacts you about tours in Slovakia or elsewhere. We’ll be happy to vouch for you and to offer details about our experience.
We look forward to receiving your pictures of the tour–after you have had a chance to take a break. ”
Thanks again, Tom and Barbara

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Grand Tour of Slovakia
2015-09-30 / JAMES & DIANE M. / IL, USA

” Dear Peter & Jane,
We had a wonderful trip to Slovakia thanks to the expertise and service of Best Slovakia Tours!
Peter worked well with us beforehand to design a personalized trip with modifications to the 11-day Grand Tour of Slovakia itinerary. We were given a readable and clear itinerary beforehand, with a review upon arrival. We received prompt service from the driver/guides during the travel, and in our transfers to/from the airport and train station. Both guides were good drivers, and the tour car was comfortable.

Both were fluent in English (Matej exceptionally so), and gave us some conversational insights into Slovakia’s present and future. The hotels were all clean, comfortable, and had friendly and helpful staff. Hotel u Leva (Levoca), Hotel Solisko (Strbske Pleso), and Hotel Horsky Mnich (Bobrovec), which were not on the standard itinerary, were very good. Overall, we were extremely satisfied and will recommend your business.

We were quite impressed with Matej’s skill as a guide. He was knowledgeable about all the places we visited (or made an effort to find the information). We have already mentioned his fluency in English. He also suggested Slovak foods and beverages for us to try.

Stefan was very patient and flexible as we had an unexpected opportunity to visit two churches in Tvrdosin, and spent more time there than anticipated. He kept us informed about weather conditions as we planned our day in the High Tatras. He treated us to a stop at his coffee shop, where we learned about the “Sherpa community” and met his family.In summary, we were very pleased with the overall trip.
It was a very economical package, considering that we had personalized driver/translator service. We believe that we had a superior experience to one that used a large bus where our itinerary would have been dictated by the group’s expectations. Thanks also for the smooth transition to Michal Razus in Bobrovec. Visiting our Masura cousins in Bobrovec was the highlight of the trip.

We would be pleased to make a recommendation for your company in the form that you wish. ”
James & Diane M., IL, USA

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Matej

Grand Tour of Slovakia + Czech Republic
2015-09-28 / DAN & DIANE K. / PA, USA

” Hello Peter,
We are back in the states after a wonderful tour of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Our guides Marcel and Erik were excellent drivers/guides, knowledgeable and able to adjust to our needs. Our only difficulty was completing all stops of our planned itinerary. We were not able to visit Bojnice on day 5 or Konopiste on day 10.
The positives of our trip are too numerous to mention; great food,drink,sights and the general feel places visited.”
Thanks again, regards, Dan and travel mates

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Marcel + Erik

Slovakia tour with Sport Utility Vehicles, September 2015
2015-09-15 / OFIR K. / ISRAEL

Dear Peter and Jane,

We all wanted to thank you again for the welcoming hospitality at your home and lovely country Slovakia.
The seven days guided tour through special points of interest was a great refreshing experience for us.

You both deserve all the praise for the efforts you have made to entertain our trip, It was “yofey”.

From us,
The girls Lior, Nurit and the boys Pini (kol yachol) and Ofir.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter B.
Our first SUV-tour

Short Trip of Slovakia
2015-07-28 / GAIL T. / NJ, USA

Dear Peter and Jane,
We wanted to thank you so very much for providing us with an exceptionally, outstanding tour guide and very scenic tour through Slovakia. Matej provided first-class knowledge of all areas and did it effortlessly. We are grateful.

We can’t wait to use your tour guide services next summer. Best regards, Gail

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Matej

Best of Slovakia
2015-07-25 / LEIFANG H. / USA

Dear Peter,
Yes, we are having a good time with your beautiful country, nice and friendly people here. We have learned and are still learning from your country’s rich history and heritage . Cross cultural understanding is always an effort, especially in USA with diversified population . We are willing to keep on learning and understanding the humankind with different ethnic background as we go to different places.

The both drivers/guides are good! Thanks a lot! Leifang H. / USA

Best of Slovakia Tour

Thank-you Peter,
David and I had a wonderful time with Matej. I feel that the trip was very well-designed hit the true highlights of Slovakia in just five days. We saw everything from the liveliness of Bratislava, to the beauty and culture of cities such as Levoca and Banksa Stiavnica, to the natural beauty of the High Tatras, including the incredible Belianska cave. It was a perfect mix, and it’s hard for us to pick out just one favourite sight or activity.

Matej was a wonderful, informative, and helpful guide, who went out of his way to accommodate us and the things we wanted to see, even if they weren’t on the itinerary. That kind of flexibility is much appreciated, and certainly made our tour feel truly customized.

We had an excellent experience, and would definitely travel with your company again.

Many thanks again.
Susan & David / Canada

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Matej

Private Short Trip in Slovakia
2015-06-25 / LAURA N. / OH, USA

Hello Peter:
We are on the way home now. My mother and I enjoyed the trip very much. Peter is such a great guy! He was a perfect gentlemen and his English is outstanding. He is professional and a safe driver as well, which was comforting to us. He was very kind to my mom who is older and needed help walking around at times. He always offered her his arm and assistance down steps if needed.

We have had many drivers and tour guides as we have been around the world. Peter is someone we would want again when we come back to Slovakia or the surrounding area. We appreciated the water in the car as well.
We will share your company tour information with our Slovakia friends in the US and highly recommend you.

Thank you! Laura N.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter G.

Email # 1:
” Hi Peter,We are still in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When I get home I will do as you ask. Thank you for a great trip. We enjoyed your company and meeting your delightful wife, Jayne. ”
Cheers, Rock

Email# 2:
” Hi Peter,I am so sorry we haven’t responded in length, after we got back home. We have been so busy with family and Rock has gone into Rotary as President and a lot to do and catch up on. And I have been involved with 2 of my charities as well, and finalising my Mothers estate. We now have the Grandkids for 2 weeks school holidays – life is busy. It was fabulous travelling with you and meeting Jane and the boys. So glad you got the Italian trip. Malaysians speak very good English as they were part of the British Commonwealth, like India, Pakistan, Australia, NewZealand, South Africa etc etc. They are nice people, so hope they are all good for you. I will get Rock to write tomorrow – it is late at night now. ”
Travel safely and fondest regards, Joan.

Email# 3:
” Hi Peter,I must congratulate you on an excellent itinerary for our recent trip to Slovakia . My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I appreciated the fact that you were our guide personally.
Overall comments:
Accommodation: All were in great locations, close to points of interest. All were comfortable and to the standard we requested – even better a couple of times. All were clean and the staff efficient, the wifi worked, and the breakfasts good. Loved the hotel in the mountains!
Vehicle: The Skoda car was very comfortable with plenty of room for our baggage and in the rear seat. It was quiet and we were able to hear your commentary from the back seat. Sights: Your choice of sights met our expectations and you were very accommodating of our wishes re photo stops etc. At no time were we hurried on and we enjoyed the flexibility you provided.

General Comments:
Your personality suited us and you gave us ample information of the country, its political system, its culture and way of life. We came away well informed. We very much appreciated meeting your wife and family. This personal touch was special.

Your personality suited us and we were very happy and comfortable in your presence. You provided us with a comfortable, informative and happy tour and I congratulate you.
I am happy for you to share these comments with prospective clients and I thoroughly recommend you to others for your knowledge, itinerary and your complete honesty. ”
Cheers, Rock & Joan O., NSW, Australia

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

“Thank you Peter.
We are now at the airport. The trip to the old Roman site and to Hainburg was great. When we came back on Friday we walked around the 6th and 8th districts – we walked for 3 hours!
There is so much to discover in Vienna.
On Sunday we went to church and the orchestra and choir sang Beethoven’s Mass – it went for two hours and was beautiful music. Then we met with some Viennese friends of our friends who took us to see some different parts of Vienna for architecture and history. Now we have to go home to the normal life!! ”
Give our very best to Jane and the boys. Hope to see you soon.”
Helena & Bob

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Private Day Trip in Slovakia, 14 May 2015

“Hi Peter — Thanks again for your superb service — we are enjoying Budapest also.” Best, Dale

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Private Short Trip in Slovakia, 30APR-2MAY, 2015
2015-05-08 / CHARLES & CELESTE P. / SC / USA

” Hi Peter, thank you so much. We had a wonderful time!! I will tell Terry (and others) about how great you are as a knowledgeable and professional guide.” Thanks, Charles

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Big European Tour, 26MAR – 14APR 2015

“Hi Peter and Jane, We arrived home a few days ago after travelling 30+ hours we are still recovering All our trip was a great success I wish it was longer but everyone thoroughly enjoyed what we saw and did the Cosmos tour was busy around Croatia and Slovinia. We had a group of 30 so there was plenty of space in the bus, but not much spare time.

Thanks for all that you did we will always remember you and what we did together and I would reccommend anyone to travel with you. ”
I wish you and your family great success in the future, best wishes Ann T

Email #2: “Thanks again Peter each night I go to sleep remembering one place we visited I will always have great memories” Best wishes Ann”

Email # 3 from Margaret:
“Good morning Peter, We have all arrived home safely (Ann, Phil, Kay, Dianne and Margaret) after our wonderful trip visiting so many countries and seeing so many amazing sights. Thank you for taking us around your beautiful country and showing us so many wonderful things.

We all enjoyed every moment and have lots of happy memories. It was lovely to meet Jane and see your lovely home and dear children – thank you for the kindly care you showed us. I thought the accommodation was very good and I loved the places you found for us to have delicious meals – it was all good fun and thoroughly enjoyable.
I have viewed the DVD – thank you – that brings back memories of the good times! I wish you and Jane every success for the future and thank you once again for your kind attention to our needs and requests.”
Warm regards, Margaret H.

Email #3 “Dear Peter, Thank you for the disc & a great holiday. We have wonderful memories. I wish you & Jane every success in your Business I trust all is going well for you both.”
Kind Regards, Phil C.

The route:
Bratislava – Nitra – High Tatras – Kosice (SK)
Budapest (H), Krakow + Wroclaw (PL), Berlin + Dresden (D)
Prague + Kutna Hora + Cesky Krumlov (CZ)
Vienna + Wachau region (A)

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek + Local guides

Ancestral Private Tour in Slovakia, September 2014
2015-01-10 / LYNNE B. / MD, USA

” Happy New Year Peter!
I was reflecting on our great trip/ tour of Slovakia this past September, reminiscing of the laughs, culture, education and incredible hospitality you provided when the “Queens of Slovakia” visited.
Thank you again for everything!
You did a great job. There is nothing I would change about the tour.
Please also give Jane a huge hug! I will stay in touch for some future touring.

God Bless each of you in this new year!

Have a great healthy day!
Yours in Health and Fitness,
Lynne B., RN
President/ Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc.

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek


Day trips to Budapest & Vienna, 7-8 November 2014
2014-11-12 / JENE M. & JANET M. / USA

” Peter and Jane,
I just want to thank you both for a fantastic few days in Budapest and Vienna.
There is no way that we could have seen as much, and enjoyed our time as much we did without your guidance.
Looking forward to using your services again in the future anytime we are in the area.
I look forward to the pictures as well, an added bonus we did not anticipate with your services.

Driver-guide: Peter B.

Private Short Trip in Slovakia, 1-5 OCT 2014
2014-11-10 / EDWARD O. / CO, USA

“Peter, sorry for the late reply. Your email got buried in a mass of mail that I faced after we got home. Also the week after we returned, we went to Pittsburgh to visit Jean’s sister in a nursing home compounding the e-mail problem.

Enough excuses! As you perceived we did enjoy our tour with you. You did what I asked – that being an overview of Eastern Slovakia and Krakow. I thank you for your persistence in keeping the night in the Tatras at the Kempinsky Grand in our itinerary. It was a highlight of our whole trip. We have mentioned it every time we are asked about the trip. It exceeded expectations!! Ed
PS I was also happy to find that what little I remembered of my Slovak language was correct– too bad only a few people in a small part of Eastern Slovakia speak it.”
Edward O. / USA

Driver-guide: Peter Blazice

Wedding Anniversary Private Tour, 11 – 21 OCT 2014
2014-10-28 / DAVID & KAREN B. / USA

“Peter, Our trip with you was GREAT!! It has been hectic since we have been back – we will write great review and look at your FB. I am on seminar now – will write later.” David
Sent from my iPhone

Additional info about the tour:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Slovakia + Budapest, Krakow, Prague & Vienna

Day trip to Kuty – Family History, 8 October 2014
2014-10-10 / FRANK R. / USA

Thank you very very much. You were wonderful.
I will recommend you to any of my friends and family who may be thinking of a trip near to you.

Frank and Liz

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter B.

Hut To Hut in High Tatras, 9 – 17 September 2014

“Hello Peter.
Sorry for taking so long to get back to your request. We didn’t get home till the end of September. Then we were home for a week and went to San Francisco. It was a really busy time away, and challenging being back again with everything going on.
My mother’s turning 100 on December 7!

Overall we were pleased with the trip.
Chata Bilikova was wonderful, exactly what we were expecting. The second place we stayed in, Chata Popradske Pleso for three nights, was fine for us, but more challenging for Stephan to get up and down to because they didn’t allow cars to come and go freely. Everyone was great where we stayed. Of course the only true challenge was the weather, and we certainly understand there’s nothing to be done about that!!! The third day in the mountains, because of the rainy forecast, Stephan took us to some caves, and around the local area.
The fourth day the weather improved and we hiked up Rysy Peak. So we had a great chance to see some beautiful views, even though it still poured rain by the time we returned!!
The next day we left the High Tatras, and Stephan thought, due to the weather forecast, we would have to abandon the plan to hike up the Sucha Bela Canyon! Yet, the weather improved, and we had a great 2 hour hike. Stephan left to return home, and we stayed the night in Ranc u Trapera, and it was great.
Dana joined us the next day to drive us to Levoca, Spis Castle, and Kosice. She then dropped us off in Budapest. She was very personable and fun, and I’d loved to have spent more time with her.
So, overall we enjoyed the trip. You live in a beautiful country, and we’ve told everyone how lovely the countries are, and so easy to travel around. I’d never met anyone who had been to Slovakia.
Let me know if you need any other information. It was also nice meeting Jane. Ciao!

Additional info:
Driver-guide + Mountain guide: Stefan

Family History Tour in Slovakia, 18 – 27 September 2014
2014-10-05 / PAM AND TOM A. / PA, USA

“Dear Peter – Home for over a week, but we brought back such good memories. I just put together a power point presentation with over 150 photos, and decided to include a few here.
Hiring you to help with our travel plans was the best thing we did. And we really appreciate the time and effort you put into working with Milan.  He meant well and really turned our trip into a family  finding mission :).
Take care and hope to see you in the future, Pam

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter G. + Peter B.

Family History Tour in Slovakia, 18 – 23 SEP 2014
2014-10-05 / MAURA M. / USA

“Dear Peter and Jane, Thank you for everything. The tour was even better than I had hoped it would be and you’re right, we all had a wonderful time.
We are continuing to call ourselves the “Queens of Slovakia”.

Thank you both for inviting us to your home. You have a beautiful family and we all felt honored to be your guests.
The next day in Vienna was very nice, but we all said we miss Peter…!
We all made it back home safely, thank you. I certainly hope to come back again. Also if we happen to hear from Juri, we will need your translating services!”
Thank you again,
Maura M.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 18 – 23 SEP 2014

“Hi Peter,
Sorry I could not get back to you sooner. When Maria and I returned home, we had several family obligations to handle and have not had any time until now, to send you a reply.
Travelling to and from Slovakia went quite well. We had no travel or luggage issues, and the service on Austrian Airlines was great.
As for our vacation however, it was absolutely FANTASTIC.

Peter, you stayed true to your word, and provided us with the best vacation we have had to date!
Our guides, Dagmar Balounova and Peter Gbur, are the best of the best. Dagmar, was very professional as well as personable, and her knowledge of Bratislava was impressive. She answered any and all questions we had. I don’t think she left out anything about the city’s history or the country’s political structure. As for Peter Gbur, he is just a wonderful person. He went out of his way to ensure that we were comfortable and happy all of the time, and he always maintained a pleasant and positive attitude.

Where ever we wanted to go, or what ever we wanted to see, he made sure our requests were fulfilled. Peter showed us all of the beauty and wonders of the majestic cities we visited, which included Nitra, Vienna, Budapest and Prague.
Peter took us to the best traditional restaurants, and even made it possible for us to meet with a distant relative during our visit to Nitra, Slovakia. He is extremely knowledgeable of all of the places we visited, and at my request, Peter also educated us on the challenges Slovakians had to endure during socialism under Communist Rule. He is one heck of a photographer, and we are very grateful for all of the many beautiful pictures he provided us.

During our time with Peter, he became more than just a travel guide for us, he became a very dear friend. You chose well to include both Peter, and Dagmar as guides for Best Slovakia Tours.

Lastly, we want to thank you and your wife, Jane, for inviting us into your home, and for the warm hospitality you extended to us. We especially enjoyed Jane’s homemade pancake desserts!

Best Slovakia Tours met and exceeded all of our expectations.
Please feel free to use us as a reference.
Your Friends,
Gerry and Maria T. / Lake Elsinore, California, USA

Additional information:
Local guide in Bratislava: Dagmar B.
Driver-guide: Peter G.

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 7 – 17 AUG 2014
2014-09-19 / NANCY B. / MI, USA

“Peter, thank you so much for a fantastic trip! As promised, here is my more detailed review so that others will not hesitate to use your services. Thank you for the photos you took—we will treasure them.

D’akujem from all 6 of us!!! We live very close to the Detroit airport if you ever come this way.

Nancy & Mark Bunge & family, Dearborn, Michigan, Bertha Keithly, South Haven, Michigan My mother, husband, 3 teenagers, and I (age 12-86) traveled with Peter Blazicek for 4 days, and we spent another 4 days with Michal Razus traveling throughout Slovakia in August 2014.
It was so convenient to have Peter pick us up in Vienna and drop us off in Prague–such door-to-door service saved us a lot of time and effort!

We had a very long list of places we wanted to visit, and Peter helped us narrow it down. He took us to see our relatives in Myjava, drove us through the countryside to see where my mother’s grandparents lived and went to church, and even helped us find a lady with the same last name and translated for us when she showed us her family photo albums.
Peter became part of our family, playing games right along with us at restaurants. He was extremely accommodating when our luggage did not arrive, helping us find clothing, finding a doctor for my mother to replace her medication, and readjusting our schedule.
Peter was very flexible, picking us up whenever we wanted, spending more or less time at different locations, stopping whenever we wanted to stop, knowing where to go and where to park, finding kolibas and restaurants we would enjoy, staying with us as long as we wanted each day, and keeping everyone happy.

Even though my mom speaks Slovak, it was extremely helpful to have him translate, especially with our relatives and at restaurants and entrances. He kept us entertained with stories and history lessons throughout our trip. It was very nice to have him know just where to take us when we visited each town and to tell us about each place as we walked around–it made it so interesting for all of us.

Peter arranged an excellent guide, Jana, in Bratislava, who told us about the whole city while Peter drove around. Slovakia is such a beautiful country, and it was such a nice first experience for my husband and children!
Even though my mother has been to Slovakia before, we got to do many things on our personal tour that you can’t do on a bus tour, like visiting the Modra factory and trying out the pottery wheel, climbing up to castles and seeing amazing views, and visiting the town of Vlkolinec up a narrow road in the mountains.

The only thing that my mother missed from a bus tour is that those tours have enough people to arrange folk musicians each night while eating dinner. We did enjoy folk music at a festival in Trnava, and Peter did find some kolibas with gypsy music, but they mostly play on the weekends in many places.
His van was very comfortable and had enough room for 6 of us, plus Peter, even when our luggage finally arrived. The hotels that Peter arranged for us were much nicer than on a tour. They had wonderful locations and excellent service.

It was so nice staying in downtown Bratislava so we could enjoy all the musicians and culture in the evenings, and staying in the mountains overlooking a lake at Strbske Pleso. With Peter’s discount, it made these wonderful hotels much more affordable. It worked very well to split the time between Peter and Michal, who was our original contact, and is also most excellent. They each knew their regions very well, and that way they did not have to be away from their families as long and did not get tired of us (I hope)!

Peter’s English and driving are excellent, and he is trustworthy and dependable.

Customer service is a top priority for him. We highly recommend his services if you are able to visit this amazing country!

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Michal R. + P.

Greetings from Canada
2014-09-09 / DIANE M. / CANADA

One of our very first clients from 2007 wrote us:

“Hi Peter,
It is Diane Murphy from Canada … still thinking about our wonderful trip and the memories.

I “googled” your website and found it very easily.
It is very impressive. Pleased to see our picture still posted.
A cousin of my dad’s just completed a family history book – Slivka Strba families.
My heart is drawn to Slovakia and we will return one day.
We now have 4 grandchildren and are enjoying them very much.

Please pass on warm regards to Jane — Jacob and Dominik will be big boys by now. As I told you, they grow up too fast. Bob and our boys(36&33) are in a fishing derby this week….staying at our cottage.

I am sitting out on the deck with a glass of wine and reflecting our amazing memorable trip of a lifetime, thanks to you.”
Take care, Diane M.

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 25 – 31 August 2014

“Dear Peter,
 we hope you have been having a busy but very pleasant September. Margaret and I are happy to provide you with some comments about our Slovakian tour with you. And sorry for this late response – yes, we are still in Europe but have been very busy since getting back to France from Budapest, including a week in England. We return to Australia next week.

You are right – we really enjoyed our 7 days in Slovakia, particularly walking in the High Tatras, the UNESCO sites in eastern Slovakia, Kosice and the Tokay wine tasting. Also very charming and interesting were Banska Bystrica, Banska Stiavnica and the old town of Bratislava.
We were very happy with the standard of hotel accommodation provided, particularly the Hilton Double Tree in Kosice and the Radisson Blu in Bratislava, although the Wifi reception in the latter case we (and Linda Holub) found to be quite poor, something we commented on directly to the hotel.

We only have positive things to say about you, our guide, Peter. We found you to be a very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable guide and a competent driver. We also really appreciated the comfort of the vehicles we used as well as your willingness and ability to vary the program in order to meet our needs or deal with unexpected contingencies.
With the benefit of hindsight, we believe it would have been better for us to have allocated a little more time to the tour so that we could have, for example, done more walking in the High Tatras, spent at least two nights in each place of accommodation, and benefited from a little more free time in appropriate locations. We hope you find these comments useful. We certainly would be happy to recommend your tours to anyone else.”
With our warmest best wishes,
Bob and Margaret

Additional info:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Family History Tour in Slovakia, 23 – 31 August 2014
2014-09-05 / TIM AND PATTY T. / PA, USA

“Hi Peter, I we were extremely pleased with all aspects of the trip. The hotel choices you made for us were excellent as was David our guide. David did a fantastic job of taking us around Slovakia and ensuring we were well taken care off at all times. He also is an excellent driver and we never once felt at risk. One side note, the beds at the Double Tree in Kosice are like a rock as are the pillows.

We really liked the fact that the itinerary you put together for us as it did not completely pack our days with scheduled events. It was fantastic having time on our own to explore the cities we stayed in.
The one thought/comment we had was on the day of arrival giving people the option to go on a tour. As Patty and I have traveled overseas before, we know we have to stay awake most of the first day. Offering clients the option of taking a moderately paced tour the first day may help the effort in adjusting to the different time zone.

Overall excellent attention to detail.

Look forward to working with you in the future for our trip to Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Also when you get a chance and you may have already done this, would you please send us the pictures that David and you both took.”
Thanks Tim & Patty / USA

Additional info:
Driver-guide: David

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 7 – 14 August 2014
2014-08-27 / TAMARA D. & PRISCILLA K. / TN, USA

“Dear Peter, It was a wonderful tour and accommodations were fantastic. You and Erik were great as guides.  Thank you so much for a great experience. If I hear of anybody else wanting to tour Slovakia, I will recommend your company. ”
Best wishes. Tamara D. & Priscilla K.

Additional information:
Driver-guides: Erik + Peter

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 7 – 17 August 2014

Email #1:

“Peter and Michal,
Thank you so much for everything. Our trip was really fabulous! My mom and all of us really enjoyed it! I have been busy getting the kids back to 3 different colleges/schools as well as filling out the airline forms for our delayed luggage.
I would like to take some time to write a nice review for you both, which I hope to do sometime this week.
We did enjoy Prague very much, and Pension U Lilie was very nice and helpful. Bratislava compared very nicely to Prague on a Saturday night, though, and gave us more room to breathe! Slovakia was very pleasant and uncrowded.

Thank you again, and I hope to write a more detailed review soon.”
Nancy & Mark, Bertha, Daniel, Andrew,Tatiana

Driver-guides: Michal R. & Peter B.

Jewish Heritage – Warsaw-Krakow-Prague-Bratislava-Budapest
2014-08-08 / GINA & STEWART / FLORIDA, USA

Thank you so much for this beautiful letter. Yes, we had an incredible time in Eastern Europe with you, and because of you. It was so memorable, eye-opening, beautiful, sad, educational, inspirational and yes, as you know, exhausting!
We will always remember what we learned and experienced – all because of you. Thank you, and Jane, for giving us lasting memories with the hundreds of photographs you each took for us. As you both know, it was too emotional for us to take photos at most of these sites. Now, because of you both, we can share these memories with our family – our children and grandchildren – and with our friends. Especially with the horror of what is going on in Israel today, we have learned, “NEVER AGAIN”.

I told you that I would love to write a recommendation about your services on a public site(s). Can you please send me the web address(s) you would like me to post these on? YOU made this trip possible for us. Peter.

We would never have experienced or learned what we did without your professional and kind support. Please kiss your beautiful children for us, and your lovely wife. L’Chaim! Love, Gina

Peter: We enjoyed the tour as well as being with your wonderful family. It truly exceeded our expectations. Enjoy your family time. We are feeling fine and back to our relaxed retirement days Regards, Stewart

Additional information:
18-29 July 2014
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Slovakia + Slovenia + Croatia Tour, 30 June – 22 July 2014

“Dear Peter, We loved the accommodations in Bratislava with it being in the center of everything and also the tour with John was wonderful.  All of our stops in the countryside were also great experiences.
We especially liked visiting the High Tatras and Spis Castle. We also really thought Zehra Church and the Tree of Life was fascinating. I’m glad we took the Plte river ride, but it would have been a little better if the tour could have also been in English instead of just being given a piece of paper with information on it.

Overall, our experience in Slovakia was wonderful, we especially liked meeting David’s parents and the accommodations were great especially since they put us in a room or a suite with two rooms so we could have a little space from each other after traveling for a while.
Finally, we really enjoyed traveling in the van especially, being so tall and having extra leg room to stretch out.
Again, David was a wonderful guy and we really joyed having conversations with him both about his life in Slovakia and also him growing up part time in the United States.

In regards to Slovenia, both Stephanie and I really loved visiting Slovenia and how beautiful it is. Lake bled was fabulous and Matt went out of his way rowing us out to the island instead of us waiting and taking one of the tour boats. The Julian Alps were incredible and we enjoyed our hiking even though it rained on us. We also really liked Lake Bohinj and we were glad that Matt mentioned the Lipica horses even though were allergic to horses, we really thought it was a wonderful tour going out to see them.
We appreciate how accommodating both you and Matt were in that we wanted to stick around a couple hours to wait to see the horses run back to be fed at night and also in taking us to Predjama castle which we absolutely loved seeing. Matt was very accommodating and eager to make sure that we were getting exactly what he wanted.

Or highlight of Croatian was definitely definitely Plitvice Lakes. I think we spent the perfect amount of time there and with Matt as our guide we saw more of the park that we probably would have on our own, we ended up hiking that day for over six hours.
It was a lot but it was perfect in the sense that we would’ve given up and gone back earlier and not seen as much if we hadn’t been with Matt to show us around and leaf us on the trails.
We also were appreciative that Matt gave us the option of having a shorter amount of time in Split and taking the ferry earlier or more time in Split and taking the ferry later depending on what we were up to. It was nice to have the option of choosing how much time we want to spend where.
Finally, we enjoyed our Dubrovnik tour that had been arranged for us and we were very grateful for Matt sticking around and helping us get all of our luggage to our hotel, considering that Dubrovnik is full of stairs.

Overall our experience with Matt was wonderful, he was a very informative guy and was interesting to talk to. We loved our experience in Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia. In fact, my father who has a small medical condition which makes traveling difficult for him was asking us how we enjoyed having a private tour versus a big organized bus tour since he might need to make more stops more often, and we told him that even though it is much more expensive than a big organized tour it is worth it to have the independence of going where you want to go and stopping when you want to stop and not having to worry about inconveniencing other people.

I appreciate all your input that you had given me for the last almost year and your professionalism and organizing everything and all the suggestions you made and your wonderful tour guides.

Lastly, Stephanie and I were wondering about the “CD” with the pictures that David and Matt had taken for us. Is there a way of us getting a copy of that or putting it and sending it through dropbox or Google drive? It was difficult for us to get pictures of Stephanie and I together so we think that David and Matt’s pictures would have a lot of us together.

Again thank you so much for all your help and I would highly recommend your services to anyone that I know who is going to be traveling to Central Europe or other parts of Europe.
Sincerely, Carolyn and Stephanie F.

Additional information:
D-guide – Slovakia: David
D-guide – Slovenia + Croatia: Matej

Hiking Tour in High Tatras, 10 – 14 July 2014
2014-07-28 / MIKE & KAREN M. / USA

“Eric, we had such a wonderful time with you. As we left, the girls said they still didn’t want a “guide” but they wanted to hang out with Eric some more.”
wishing you all the best, Mike & Karen M.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Erik

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 17 – 23 July 2014

Hello Peter,
First of all we would like to thank you for organizing the trip. The trip was nice and very successful more than expected.
We appreciate highly our knowledgeable guide Peter for his dedication and helpfulness. He loves his profession and we could feel it and enjoy.

In addition to these, Slovakia is a beautiful country, interesting and friendly and we enjoyed very much the tour.”
Sincerely yours.
Family Zohar, Family Shatzki / Israel

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter G.

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 9-15 July 2014
2014-07-25 / LORI / FLORIDA / USA

I had been meaning to write and thank YOU for the wonderful trip….there was nothing to change, it was perfect.

We are still amazed at your stamina -how you keep going all day with clients and still work at night (as you are doing now)!. Hard to believe that you left us in Vienna 6 days ago. The first day we felt lost without you!

That night I even dreamed that while we were sightseeing, I saw you and asked why you weren’t in Poland. You said Jane decided to meet up with you in Vienna, then your boys came running up to you!

I am more than happy to be a reference for future clients.
Travel safe and know you and your family will always be welcome guest at my home in St. Augustine, Florida. Travel safe!

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Private Ancestry Trips, 7-8 May 2014
2014-07-25 / JUDY J. / CHICAGO, IL, USA

Dear Jane and Peter:
Thanks for the lovely picture in your email. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My son and I had a terrific time with Peter in Slovakia, and my memories will last a lifetime. It was a real thrill to see the villages in which my grandparents had lived and to now have a place to see in my mind when I think of them.

Right now, Nathan is in Seoul, South Korea, teaching English. I think our next trip may be to visit him there and also to travel to Viet Nam. I am attaching a photo of Peter and myself we took at the end of the tour. Also one he took of Nathan and me in front of my grandmother’s home in Modrovka.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Judy J.

Best of Slovakia Tour, 18-24 June 2014
2014-07-15 / MARY AND BOB A., DAVID K. / OH, USA

Peter and Jane:
We had a fantastic time in Slovakia, the country is beautiful and we enjoyed our trip very much. We love Slovakia. We will be back and will look to you to be our guide. I will also refer friends and family to you – you both did a terrific job planning our trip and providing us great guides.

Thank you! My next trip back I would like to hike in the Tatras and perhaps a day at the spa:-)
Upon our arrival it was a pleasure to learn David Kovach was joining us – he was a pleasure and additive to our trip.
We loved the Radisson Blu Hotel – it was a treat and breakfast was very good. Our first day at our leisure was appreciated because the overnight trip to Europe is tiring and it is nice to be able to rest if you want or explore the city. Restaurants we really enjoyed for traditional Slovak food were Prasna Basta and Bratislava Flagship Restaurant – both very good.

We enjoyed strolling around Old Town Bratislava.
John did a nice job on the city tour of Bratislava and we enjoyed the afternoon tour including Devan castle – this was the first time we were in a country that had been behind the iron curtain – so definitely much to learn and observe. We enjoyed our time with Dave. He was very attentive. The hike in the Tatras was terrific. We really enjoyed the views, the hiking, and the tatra tea! For me the 6 hour hike was great! Dave and I hiked to the second hut and it was fabulous – David and Bob stopped at the 1st hut.

We enjoyed our meals at Salas – great food. We enjoyed our stay at Dave’s parents’ pension – I highly recommend it. Our day in Levoca and Spiss Castle was very good as was Zehra church – we missed seeing one of the churches.

Your home is beautiful – thank you for inviting us!
I will spread the word on what an amazing trip we had and all you have to offer – thank you – we will be in touch!

Mary & Bob A. / USA

From a single traveler who joined the group – Mr. David K.:

“From the moment you arrive at the airport to the time you leave, you are never made to feel like you are a tourist, but always as a family member who is visiting.

I have been on tours in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and none can compare with “Best of Slovakia Tours”.
The hospitality, friendliness, food and lodging are fantastic. I would recommend “Best of Slovakia Tours” to anyone who wants to visit anywhere in Central Europe or Italy.

David K. / USA

Additional information:
Driver-guide: David

Grand Tour of Slovakia + Vienna, 8 – 18 June 2014

“To Peter:
thank you for a great time. Slovakia is a beautiful country.
We enjoyed visiting our cousins.”

Greg & Anne, Jan – family member and a big help, Pat & Ralph
from Canada

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia Tour + Vienna, 1 – 9 June 2014
2014-06-20 / MELANIE & MATT W., JANE / KY, USA

“Peter, thank you for a great vacation! We were very happy with the flexible planning and services. 
We will certainly recommend you to anyone that asks.
Take care and best of luck in business! ”
Melanie & Matt W.

Grand Tour in Slovakia, 21 May – 4 June 2014
2014-06-08 / DAN & DIANE K. / USA

“Hello Peter, Thank you and your staff for an unforgettable Slovakia tour.
Our expectations were exceeded in all facets of the trip. 

A big hello and thanks to Matei.”
Regards, Dan & Diane K.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Matej

Family History Tour in Slovakia, 18 – 21 May 2014
2014-05-28 / VERONICA & RONI P. / CA, USA

“Dear Peter and Jane,
We arrived home to San Diego late last night. We had a most wonderful visit to your beautiful country and only wish we had been able to stay longer. Our tour was well planned by you and we appreciate all the care given to many details to make our visit the best possible.
David Dzugas was an excellent guide/interpreter. His pleasant personality is perfect for interacting with all people. He was able to explain all our needs to the civil employees we met. He has an easy way with people and made everyone feel at ease. He communicated easily with all the Vrsecky family relatives we met and they all liked him very much.

We highly recommend Best Slovakia Tours, Peter and Jane Blazicek and David Dzugas to anyone wanting an unforgettable tour of Slovakia.

You are exceptional in organizing individual family history tours and proudly share the beautiful country of Slovakia.
We anxiously wait to see the many photographs taken by David, who is, by the way, an excellent professional photographer.”

Veronica & Roni P.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: David

Day Trip to Prague, 15 May 2014

“Hi Peter, Thank you so much for an amazing tour of Prague.
We had such a great experience because of you. I will definitely go on your website when I get a chance to write a review.

I’ll definitely tell people about your services and I’ll be sure to reach out to you when next I’m going to Italy to get any tips you may have to share with us.  Also, please let us know if you come to northern California some time.
We went to the Opera in Budapest which was great and cost just a fraction of the Vienna Opera.  Have a great week!!!”
Tom & Seina

Tailormade Tour in Slovenia + Italy, 11-28 April 2014
2014-05-06 / RUDY P. / PENNSYLVANIA / USA

“Dear Peter,
We loved our trip. A trip of a lifetime. Fantastic job by you.

We especially enjoyed lunch at your home and meeting your family.
Thank you for making our journey very special”
Rudy P.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Local guide: Guido (Venice)
SLOVENIA:Ljubljana-Lake Bled
ITALY part: Venice-Verona-Milano-Lago Como-Florence-Toscany-Rome-Pompei-Cinque Terre AUSTRIA: Innsbruck
SLOVAKIA: Bratislava & central Slovakia (family reunion)

Tailormade Tour, Bratislava-Vienna-Budapest, 17-29 Dec 2013
2014-01-04 / BOB & HELENA C. / NSW, AUSTRALIA

“Dear Peter,
Yes the tour was first rate so thanks again. It has given us many rich memories.
I hope business is good for you in the New Year and all our best to Jane and the two boys.

We would like to tour with you again, likely in Italy.”
All our best, Bob

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Small Carpathian Walking tour
Vienna sightseeing
Budapest sightseeing


Tailormade Tour – Slovakia + Prague, 24 SEP – 4 OCT 2013
2013-10-10 / MARYANN T. / CA, USA

“Thank you Peter,
for making a dream come true. And for all the fantastic photos and audio.
It was wonderful to meet your family and be invited to your home.
Thank you and Jane.

Email #2
“Hello Peter,
What a surprise this morning to open your email. It is wonderful to hear from you and your family. The trip you provided for us was “fantastic.” Good Lord willing, Terri and I are flying to Seattle, Washington in March to spend 4 days with Barbara and our Aunt and Uncle (her parents) and her brother. We want to be together to look at the pictures I compiled from “7 different cameras” and relive our trip. There were about 5000 pictures and we now have 19 folders with 1530 great picture memories.

Once again ~ because it is so very special ~ thank you for the audios you took ~ the more I listen to them the more I am understanding. (My Lucas loves watching you and your boys flying to the moon.) Maybe while “the ladies” are together we will talk of our NEXT trip.
Wishing you and your family and healthy, happy New Year.
HUGS, Maryann
PS ~ Love your Facebook posting. A great way to keep in touch.
Maryann T. + 3 / USA

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Slovakia Heritage Tour 2013, 5 – 15 September
2013-10-08 / ANDY AND LINDA M. / USA

“Hi Peter,
Linda and I want to think you for the expertise and energy you applied to our tour. We had a great time.
I’ve put a few of the pictures that I took, which you might be able to use to promote tours, on dropbox.com and will send you an invitation to share the folder. That means you can download any of the images for your use. Just please leave the watermark on for credit. Included in this group are two pictures of an Unidentified Flying Object in the High Tatras. Pretty cool, my first UFO pix.
I also have a favor to ask: Can you tell us what “Iskru Pivu Dávajú Ludia” means? It’s on the bottom of the beer mugs we were given by Josef. Thanks again for all your efforts, especially helping me get my camera case back” Andy & Linda M. / USA

Additional information:
Tour leader: Judith Northup Bennett
Guide: Peter Blazicek
Driver: Roman

Family History Tour in Slovakia, 8 – 17 August 2013
2013-08-28 / JON M. / USA


I had a WONDERFUL time visiting Slovakia. I wish to thank each of you. Your help was very important in making this trip possible and the success it was. Jozef, Jaroslav, Maria, & Stanislav-you were wonderful. So gracious, giving, helpful-words alone cannot express my heartfelt thank you.

Peter, you run a wonderful tour. Everyone was very please and we had zero complaints.
Please feel free to use my name as a reference.

Judith, thank you for helping me coordinate with Peter.
Your kind words were instrumental in our choosing Peter to lead out tour.

Mary, without your help, I never would have had the Masley/Novak family family tree.
Thank you so very much.

I plan to share a few pictures in the future.
Jon M.

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia Tour + Family History, 29 June – 8 July 201
2013-08-18 / KEN M. / USA

Dear Peter, Pavol & Sona,
thank you for making our time so lovely. Sona – you were wonderful guide.

Peter – thank you for everything.
Ken M. / USA

Additional information:
Driver: Pavol
Guide: Sona

Family History in Slovakia + BIG EUROPEAN TOUR, July – Augus
2013-08-08 / DEBRA L. / CANADA

Hi Peter,
Up until now, it’s been Uncle Joe who has gone missing, but today, we have at various points thought “Where’s Peter?”
It is you who we are all missing!
Thanks again for an amazing experience, one we shall never forget.

Thanks also, to Jane, for the tourist pieces of advice this morning; Uncle Joe and I (and he never got lost!) visited all the points of interest that she told me about. Big thank you. Mom and Laura hung out together, and rested for the most part. Laura is feeling a wee bit better. We are heading out to dinner shortly.
We will raise our glass and toast to you.
Hope your trip today has gone well. It was another scorcher here in Rome. Talk with you soon, all the best wishes, Deb (and the Gang) / CANADA

Peter, (email #2 few days later..) second, thank you for the good wishes from Bohumil. Mom (Elaine) is looking forward to receiving his contact information (I believe you took a photo of all the e-mail addresses, etc.).
How lovely of Bohumil to SMS you; that is so great.
May I please have his cell number? That would be awesome. Have you heard from Maria since Rome?

I can’t believe you have so many photos! Wow; we can’t wait to receive them and the DVD of video. 7,200 kms…..incredible, Peter! It didn’t seem like so much but that’s because it was so enjoyable for all of us.

I wrote a FB message on my FB page and linked to your FB page; a testimonial is on there already. Have a look. I have had a few likes and two people asked me for your contact e-mail already. I hope it will help your business.
I would also be happy to share my “diary” e-mails. I won’t do that in this e-mail; I will copy into another document and send along as an attachment once I have a bit of time to do this. Deb

Additional information:
Krakow Slovakia:Family History (BIG PARTY IN PIESTANY)
Budapest, Prague
Vienna, Salzburg, Zell am See
Italy: Venice, Florence, Pisa, Tuscany, Rome, Pompei & Vesuvio volcano

Driver/guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia Tour + Budapest, 24 June – 5 July 2013
2013-08-08 / KAREN S. / NEW YORK, USA

Thank you for fabulous vacations Peter.
Karen S. + Wendy & Krissy / USA

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Extra driver: Martin

Family History Tour, 17 – 27 July 2013
2013-08-05 / RICHARD K. / USA

Thank you for a beautiful tour with lots of great memories.
Richard K. / USA

Additional information:
Driver: Pavol
Guide: Erik

Family Reunion + Croatia + Hungary + Austria, 9 – 22 June 20
2013-08-05 / JIM & SUE F. / USA

” Peter, there’s no way to tell you how much we have enjoyed our time with you.
Thank you for being so patient with me and my knee.
 Your humor and good spirits certainly made my walking much easier.

This trip was especially meaningful to Jim since he was so pleased to meet and visit with his cousins.

That was a special time and thak you for allowing us the freedom to spend so much time with them. That was the main purpose for this trip.The hike in the Tatras will forever be a wonderful memory for me.
“I made it on flat ground in five minutes” 😉
The race with speeding cars was exciting !
Bob and the map is unforgettable !
The bankrupt hotel and the look on your face is a priceless memory !

So many crazy things in such a short two weeks.

You have been a perfect guide and we hope to see you in America some day. ”
Jim & Sue F.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Slovakia-Croatia-Hungary-Austria + FAMILY REUNION IN SLOVAKIA

Best of Slovakia, 14 – 23 July 2013
2013-07-27 / AMALIA G. / ISRAEL

“Dear Peter & David, we all had lovely time thanks to you.
Perfectly organized, David, you were patient, knowledgable and great guide.
We all like Slovakia very much.
Thanks again !”
Amalia G. / Israel

Additional information:
Driver-guide: David

Family Reunion Tour, 13 – 20 June 2013
2013-06-29 / JOHN G. / USA

Overall, the trip was very good.
My wife & I were tour managers for an RV caravan company for 10 years, so we know a little about the business.
Dave did an excellent job as translator and as a guide.
Thank you for everything.

John G. / USA

Additional information:
Driver-guide: David

Jewish Heritage – Warsaw-Krakow-Bratislava-Budapest, 25 May-

Just a little note to let you know how thoroughly we enjoyed spending our vacation with you.
I hope you got home early enough to enjoy some family time.

We cannot begin to imagine what this trip would have been like without your constant guidance, caring, humor, knowledge, and love of travel.
We will be in touch.”
Regards to Jane, Jacob, and Dominik
Stacey E.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Hiking Tour in Slovakia, 4 -10 May 2013

“Peter, thank you.
Our holiday in Slovakia exceeded our expectations.
It is a beautiful country.”
Peter & Suzanne / Australia

Private Tour to Slovenia + Croatia, 15 – 29 April 2013
2013-05-13 / JAN M. / AUSTRALIA

“Hi Peter,
thank you for a wonderful trip.
Your organization and dedication to making everything perfect for me is very much appreciated, and your patience with my photography has been wonderful.
I will spend many hours going through them all.

Take care of yourself, Jane, Jacob and Domenic and hopefully one day you will all come to Australia.”
Jan M.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek


Prague-Bratislava-Vienna-Budapest Private Tour, Oct-Nov 2012
Golden Wedding Anniversary – European Tour, 26 Sep – 6 Oct 2
2012-10-14 / JUDITH K. / USA

Ron and I were very pleased and happy about the trip, you were the greatest. I have worked 3 days this week so far and every one wants to hear about the trip and see pictures.

I showed my boss the trip you planned for us, she wants to know all about it. I told her to go on your facebook, see our pictures and read about the other trips.
I told her this is the only way to go. Her family is slovak and her husbands is polish. I told another girl from work and told her to tell her parents about our trip and showed her pictures.
My sister wrote to our cousin in California and told her all about you and our trip.

Peter I am so glad we went and I will tell everyone about it.
We received our luggage last Wednesday, there were many that didn’t have their luggage, they said the belt was broken at Frankfort airport. The airline even called our house on Saturday is see if we received it.

Thanks Again, You are the Greatest!

Additional information:
50th Wedding Anniversary
Slovakia-Austria- Poland-Czech Republic
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

European Tour – Poland+Slovakia+Austria, 15-28 July 2012
2012-08-08 / BILL & KATHY Z., THERESA, LOIS, BEN / USA

“Hi Peter!
The Zurilla family arrived safely in Newark after 2 weeks of the BEST Slovakia, Poland and Austria tour!

We want to thank you for your gracious hospitality, humor and overall generous spirit. We hope to travel with you again!”

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Private Short Trip in Slovakia, 17-20 July 2012
2012-07-28 / LARRY S. / ISRAEL

“Dear Peter and Jana,

I personally would like to thank you for the wonderful experience they had and a special thanks to you Jana. The Vegh girls have not stopped talking of what a wonderful person you are and how much fun they had not to mention the emotional moments.

Peter, I would like to thank you for the great itinerary you put together, it was exactly what they wanted and what I expected to happen. If you want a recommendation for others that contact you please don’t hesitate in contacting me or Ronit.
We will gladly give you the warmest recommendation we can.

Again thanks, Regards Larry.”
Larry S. (from Israel) organized for his wife Ronit, her two sisters and their mother

Ronit (Larry’s wife) wrote us:
“Dear Peter, our -matka-, both my sisters & me appreciate all what you both have done
for us, thanking you from the bottom of our hearts.
Waiting for the album…Love. All of us.”

Driver-guide: Jana K.

Hiking Tour in National Parks, 1-10 July 2012
2012-07-20 / KATHY B. / CANADA

“Thank you Peter a thousand times anew, for a wonderful hiking trip.

Your patience, energy + humour made it a very memorable experience.
Until the next trip.” Kathy and Stephanie, Canada

Additional information:
Mala Fatra national park
High Tatras national park
Slovak Paradise national park

Driver-guide + mountain guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia Tour, 9-15 June 2012

“Peter, Thanks for the link. It’s great! It’s fun to remember our great time in Slovakia. Barb and I had a great time.

The highlight was sharing our time with you, your family, and Martin,Livia, Veroniqua, and Shaska. We loved the time in the High Tatras, especially the hiking, and we very much enjoyed Vladimir and Eva. The touring in Bratislava was enjoyable. If we could have gotten into the fortress, that would have been a plus.

The Marrols was a great hotel.

In general, learning about Slovakia was an experience we won’t forget and you were a terrific, dedicated guide.

As you can see above, being allowed to be a part of the lives of you and your friends was the highlight. Tom and Barb H.”

Barb wrote us:
“Hi Peter Thank you so much for a wonderful visit to your country. Tom and I had so much fun with you and your friends.

We enjoyed our history lessons you gave us. Since neither of us knew anything about Slovakia, it was nice to spend a week learning the Slovakian background and seeing a variety of places and things. I especially enjoyed the hiking in the Tatras, visiting the wooden churches, seeing some of the middle-aged towns, and of course our touring of Bratislava.

What we talk about the most is our time in the pension talking to Eva and Vlado (can’t forget Bella!) and our new “family” –you, Jane, your sons, Martin and his family. That bonding was special…thank you for making it possible.
Peter, you are a very good guide. You were able to figure out what we wanted during our stay and you provided it.
Thank you. Fondly Barb and Tom”

Family History Tour, 21-24 May 2012
2012-05-28 / JEANNE H. / USA

“Peter: I am finally back in my home town for more than a few days. We returned Monday afternoon and I went back to work Tuesday morning. It was a long 4 days at work. I have been in New York this week and just returned.
My body is still not sure which time zone I am on. I had just adjusted to West Coast America when I left for the East Coast and another set of jet lag. I unpacked from vacation only to be able to pack for my business trip. I have done little else to compile pictures or capture memories.
It will not happen this weekend either because my brother is coming to visit from Dallas Texas with his family.

We will have all my mother/grandmother’s side over this weekend. Sarah and I are staying up tonight to organize the pictures so we can show them Slovakia and tell them about the trip. Our Prague ending was relaxing and interesting. It was the most expensive city and most crowded but we enjoyed our visit.

We would be glad to be a reference for you if someone is considering a trip within Slovakia. Hope the summer is busy for you.”
Take care, Jeanne H.

Best of Slovakia Tour, 13-19 May 2012
2012-05-26 / JAN M. / AUSTRALIA

“Peter, many greetings for such a lovely holiday ”
Jan & Kylie

Best of Slovakia + Family History, 5-11 May 2012
2012-05-18 / RON K. / USA

“Hello, Peter Yes, we made it back safely and very much enjoyed our holiday. It was such a great experience, I will never forget my week in your (my) beautiful country.

Highlights for me were:
the genealogical research and visit day; Orava & Cachtice Castles; and your flexibility in allowing us to craft each day to maximize our sites visited.
I honestly can’t think of a negative thing – you can’t control the weather; the only distraction was the overcast skies and rain in Hungary, but there’s nothing that can be done about that.

If we do a future trip to Czech Republic or Poland, I will contact you.
And you can use me as a reference. Ron K..”

Central European Tour, 4 – 15 May 2012
2012-05-18 / EUGENE & RUTH S. / USA

“Peter, we had an uneventful trip back home, all of the flights were on time, and our luggage actually followed us home.

Thank you, and John, and Martin for the wonderful time we had on our trip. We enjoyed everything and were not disappointed at all in any of the sights.

Ruth liked the Sea Grotto a lot, mainly because it was so different from anything else we saw. She also liked the castles, particularly Spis and Lichtenstein.

I enjoyed everything as well, but I guess my favorite was Schonbrunn Palace. The beauty of the grounds and the building tour were excellent.

We were left with so many memories, Budapest at night, Prague Castle, the quaintness of Bratislava, Viennas vibrant downtown, and of course the beauty of the Tatras mountains. After all the sightseeing and hustle and bustle of Prague, Vienna , and Budapest, having those last two days to relax and unwind a bit in the Tatras mountains was needed.

Of course, getting to spend time in the relaxed family atmosphere that Eva and her family provided certainly helped.

We really can’t think of anything negative, or any areas that need improvement. Your flexibility in changing things due to schedules and interests, was appreciated.

I was very impressed with your concern for our well being, and I hope as you continue to grow your business that you will be able to maintain that personal touch with your clients.

Again, thank you for everything and for providing us with a vacation we will long remember.

We too hope that we will be able to see you again in the future. Eugene & Ruth S.!”


Krakow + Eastern Slovak Tour, 28OCT-1NOV 2011
2011-11-04 / MIKE & PAULINE / USA

“Dear Peter, we had an excellent time and only wish we had had more time.

Your expertise allowed us to find relatives we never new and archival records of our grandfather.”
Mike and Pauline.

Czech-Slovak Tour, 12-21 October 2011
2011-10-27 / CLAUS & HEATHER / USA

“Our tour definitely was a positive experience and you chose well in selecting the places to stop and spend time in. Both Heather and I enjoyed this travel experience and your good guide services and readiness to accommodate our wishes.

We both liked Bratislava and the hotel you picked. Both are winners and the capital city is a scenic and pleasant place to spend time in. I wish we had spent an extra day there so that I could have taken a long ride on the trolley—a mode of transportation that has a lot of appeal to me, both for its charm and friendly tie to clean air.

Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov both wowed me with their well preserved architecture and history. You really have two winners here and can take advantage of their uniqueness for many years to come.

Thank you again for making this such a memorable experience for us. And thanks for your remarks about my many stories.
[Heather, of course, has heard some of them several times already!] I related some of them because I thought you might enjoy them, but also because there are lessons to be drawn from them.

And, yes, you will have an accumulation of your own stories as you travel more and interact with other travelers. That is one of several reasons why I treasure the ability to travel.”

With kind regards, Claus.

Additional information:
Bratislava & Tatra Mountains, Brno, Karlove Vary, Cesky Krumlov, Prague
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Slovakia Heritage Tour 2011, 16-25 September

“Thanks again for everything you did for us on our “holiday” vacation. We had a wonderful time”, wrote Dolores Pace

“Thank you for doing a marvellous job. We really enjoyed everything.”
Fondly, Ben & Janny O., Rudy & Marsha P.

Additional information:
Slovakia Heritage Tour is a Slovak-American project with Judith Northup Bennett, Massachusetts, USA

Tour leader: Judith Northup Bennett
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia Tour, 24 – 31 July 2011
2011-08-09 / PATTY & JAN / USA

Thanks Peter,
a really wonderful journey through a lovely country and you are an awesome guide !! Cheers, Patty

What a great holiday Peter. Love your country and really impressed with your tour.
Your personal touches have made this a special trip, so thank you so much !!!
All the best, Jan

Best of Slovakia + Family Reunion Tour, 6-17 July 2011
2011-07-23 / MARCY N. / CANADA

Hi Peter,
I just want to let you know that we arrived home safely to Canada. Thank you so much for the wonderful trip!! You were not only an excellent guide, translator and driver, but became our friend as well.

We will always treasure the time we spent together.

Looking back, we probably should have skipped Prague. It was nice, but after all of the beautiful sites we saw with you, we did not need it. It was very far, and we were exhausted from all of the food and drink in Vechec!

I wish we had spent Monday and Tuesday either in the village, or seeing Kosice or Bardejov more in depth. I guess that gives us some information for next time!

Hi Peter, (email #2)
I just wanted to let you know how much my mother enjoyed the video that you took of the mass and the party — she said it was just like being there!

You went above and beyond the call of duty by adding “videographer” to your job description!

Do videnia, Marcy from Canada,
Tim, children Andrew, Adam & Sara

Additional information:
Great Family History Reunion with almost 50 people in Vechec (North-Eastern Slovakia)

Best of Slovakia + Family History Tour, 24 June – 5 July 201
2011-07-12 / NEIL, KATHY / USA

Hi Peter,
once again we want to thank you for a truly wonderful trip. We learned so much, enjoyed ourselves immensely, fell in love with our country and people and we look forward to traveling with you again.

It was truly our most memorable vacations. Once again, thanks so much.

Give our regards to Jane, Dominic and Jacob. Hope to see you Sept. next year. Kathy

Email #2
Hi Peter, Once again I just want to thank you for a wonderful experience we had during our Slovakia holiday. Visiting your country was something Kathy, Jack and I have wanted to do for a long time and we were fortunate in finding your tour.
It is just what we wanted – small, personal and seeing the back country.

The hotels were superb – from the four star upgrade to the nice and comfortable pensions. I do not have one complaint about any place we stayed.
I just wished we could have stayed longer.
Having you as our driver and guide was very wonderful. You gave us your undivided attention and your presence with us constantly was a comfort for us since we did not speak the language.

We appreciated your being willing to adjust the program to meet our needs and desires, like visiting Jamink and taking us to Budapest on the last day.

Also we enjoyed visiting your family – Jane, Dominic and Jacob. Having cookies and coffee with them was pleasant and it made us feel like one of the family. We loved every minute of the visit. The activities – hiking the mountains, touring the cities, eating in the restaurants of the locals, etc. – were just what we wanted.

We wanted to feel like we were in our homeland, and you provided that experience for us. Again, our only complaint is that our trip was not longer.
But like we talked, we hope to see you next year for your Poland, Austria, CZ Republic tour.

Take care and God bless. Again, thanks for a wonderful experience of our beautiful country. Neil”

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek


Best of Slovakia Tour, 19-25 September 2010
2010-10-10 / AZIZA, SUSAN & MONIQUE / USA

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your email, and sorry for the long delay in responding. All is fine with us, but things have been a bit crazy…!

The trip was amazing–we all look back very nostalgically on our time spent in Slovakia! I am especially grateful that you agreed to accommodate Annika; most tour operators would say “no” to a 13-month old.

But having her there was very special for us–it allowed three generations of Slovak-descended women to be together!–so we really appreciate your decision to include her. Thanks also for use of the car seat, for putting up with the mess she often made in the back seat, and for tolerating her cries!

We all thought the tour had a wonderful mix of activities and sights, and provided a spectacular introduction to the beauty and fascinating sights and history of the country. The food was great (thanks for accommodating our wish to have traditional food as much as possible), as were the accommodations (especially the resort in the High Tatras). The churches were a real highlight for us! Otherwise, we were very pleased with what we saw, and we thank you for your very informative discussions of Slovak culture, history, and politics.

We wish you the very best in the new year, especially as you think about expanding your company.
Take care, Aziza, Susan, and Monique

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia Tour, 8-15 September 2010
2010-09-20 / LIN & BO / AUSTRALIA

Dear Peter,
Thank you for your email and the pictures.
We arrived home from Slovakia last week and are getting back into our normal routines. We had a nice couple of days in Cesky Krumlov staying in a Pension in the town. We loved the scenery and the castle there. Then we stayed 5 nights in a nice apartment in Prague, and did lots of walking to see the city sights.
I enjoyed that very much. We also took one-day trips to Karlstien and Kutna Hora.

We loved Slovakia, the scenery and the old towns and castles. The first hotel in Bratislava was good and the tour of the town and castles we both enjoyed. The Pension in Tatranska Lomnica was very nice.
Day 3 was busy with walking to the waterfall and visiting Levoca ( I would have liked to spent more time there) and Spiss Castle. The Hotel in Bardejov was also very nice and on a clear day the views would have been great.
Day 4 in Bardejov was very interesting , we loved the old buildings in the town. The pension in Kosice was good and very close to the town center.
Day 5 in Kosice was nice with the Churches and the singing fountain in the center of the main square.
Day 6 in Banska Bystrica was interesting, and we loved Bojnice Castle which you kindly took us to before dropping us home in Trencin. I only missed seeing more of the Tatras. Maybe a little shopping time in the towns would be good for the ladies. The guided tours and your commentary were good and we enjoyed most of the activities.”
Wrote Lin from Australia.

Lin & her husband Bo spent together with American couple Lowell & Julie a week on Best of Slovakia tour.

Slovakia + European Tour, 8-24 August 2010
2010-08-28 / HAZEL B., MARNY S. / FLORIDA, USA

“Dear Peter, thank you for the most amazing holiday!

I hope to see you and Jane and the boys in Florida one of these days. You and Best Slovakia Tours are amazing!”. Hazel B.

“Peter, these were amazing 17 days!
The time in Slovakia, all the beautiful sights & the wonderful people we met leave me with a great love for that country.
The time you spent helping us uncover family information was priceless!.” Marny S.

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia Tour, 1-8 August 2010
2010-08-15 / MUGI / MONGOLIA

Peter, the trip your company organized left us an unforgettable memory. We are also glad for that we acquainted and became friends with some really friendly and hospitable individuals.

The travels around wonderful Tatry Mountain and inside the fortress could show us that how the Slovakian nature and habits are wonderful. Furthermore, Aquacity Poprad impressed us amazing memory.
We will be looking forward to have such trip again soon . By the way, the motorcycle trip was fantastic.

We would like to express our gratitude to chauffeur Steffan for comfortable journey.
Thank you Peter. We hope to see you soon. Best regards.

Mongolian Travel team #2
Gan-Od, Gantulga, Battulga, Erdenebulag, Enkhtuya, Uranchimeg, Altantsetseg, Tsend-ochir, Altangerel, Oyunbaatar, Saikhanbayar, Nayantsetseg

Driver: Stefan
Guide: Peter Blazicek

Best of Slovakia +Family History, 22-30 July 2010
2010-08-13 / MARLENE P. / ILLINOIS, USA

Dear Peter, Kole and I would again like to thank you for sharing your home country with us. You introduced us to the beauty of your country and it truly was beautiful! You were able to include so many castles that I know Kole will be talking about for years to come.

We liked the intimacy of the trip – 3 visitors and you, our driver and guide. From the Danube River to the Tatra Mountains and so many places in between you shared your country’s history and culture with us.
You knew exactly where to take us for lunch and dinner so we could dine on local foods and drink.

All and all Peter, everything was perfect and as Kole said when his Mother asked him if the trip was what he expected, “Much More!” was his rapid response.

Also, thank you for being considerate of my limitations.
Marlene P. and Kole S., Countryside, Illinois USA

Peter, Ako sa mas? Dobry den. Thank you for being our guide, and, the EXTRA THOUGHT driving Marlene close to everything so she could enjoy.
All I can say is BEAUTIFUL with all that Gothic and Barogue Charm.” Times 10!!!!!!!! I can see the Slovak people are craftsman and want to beautify their buildings and history. My grandfather was a carpenter. My favorite spots/cities were Skalica of course, because of the marriage certificate, but the CHARM of it, also Banska Bystrica, Bratislava, Prague, the tatras, Levoca, and the 45 house timber village.

The hrad/castle Bojnice couldn’t have been more perfect. It was beyond belief to be that preserved inside and ourside. I liked the rafting ride even being a chilly day. The pole man made me laugh about the story of Namestovo and how I was dressed for cold weather-” he said I couldn’t have relatives from there-cause it is allways cold there. The walking guides Asia and Dashsa were very personnable and knowledgeable.
I liked all the accomodations in Slovakia and even enjoyed the Lux and the City Hotel of Bratsliva, sometimes for me after a plane ride ,then, a larger hotel with room to stretch out and to walk around is allways welcome.

Peter — Thank you for your very personnel escort on our visit to Slovakia.
I still am thinking on a second trip in 2012. Wrote Edward, USA

Best of Slovakia Tour, 9-15 July 2010

“Peter, thank you for wonderful holidays.”
wrote Adele & Krissy, both from New Zealand

Best of Slovakia, 1-5 July 2010

” Hello Peter, in the beginning of summer of 2010, we visited the city of Bratislava, the capital city of the Republic of Slovakia, and also Tatranska Lomnica and Tatra mountains. The country located in the center of Europe which has ancient history ,had established diplomatic ties with Mongolia in january 1,1993 .

It has already been over 10 years of diplomatic relations between two countries , we are very proud of being the first messenger of bilaterial visit of citizens two countries. I would like to extend my kind appreciation to Mr. Peter Blazicek , the organizer of the trip , dear friend David ,who wholeheartedly helped to this trip and being together with group and also colleagues of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovakia in the Republic of China. I hope that our trip will be the beginning of new millenium cooperation between Mongolia and Slovakia. Personally, im very happy that i have heard that one scholarship student will study in Slovakia upon agreement between two countries after my trip to the country. Slovakia is one young member of the European Union.

I am really confident that you, as a tourist, will like its geographic location ,natural existence and friendly relations and hospitality of Slovakian people which i mostly admired. Once more , I would like to remind you , dear voyager , before your trip that this place is Slovakia where you can drink direct flow water without any earth pollution in the world.
With this letter, I wish you to contact wih Mr. Peter Blazicek, Best Slovakia tour agency, the Republic of Slovakia, if you want to taste the freshest water and fresh air from the top of Tatra mountain.
We are really experienced this kind of taste.
Best regards Munkhjargal.M, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia .

Short Best of Slovakia Tour, 13-16 May 2010
2010-05-19 / ADRIAN B. / BARBADOS

Dear Peter, on researching how we could see the High Tatras and other scenery from Bratislava on our way by train from Budapest to Prague, I saw that yours came closest to meeting our hopes. However we could not afford the 9-day version and were very glad you could accommodate us by trimming the itinerary down to 3 days (besides our 5 days in Bratislava).
On reflection I feel we did the right thing as the 3 days intensive driving and sightseeing was quite enough despite good roads and excellent driving. Apart from missing out on Bardejev I believe we saw the highlights of your vibrant, historical country, little known to today’s travellers.
Jennie and I have enjoyed chauffeur-driven tours of Malaysia, South Africa and India etc. but it was a special treat to be driven by the boss himself with a complete knowledge of your country and perfect English. Tatranska Lomnica and the High Tatras, Spiss Castle, Levoca, Kosice, Vlkolinec and Banska Bystrica will remain with us as treasured memories. We appreciated your extensive information, assistance with meals, but particularly your good company.

We will certainly recommend your Best Slovakia tours company to anyone planning on visiting your unspoiled yet prosperous country. It was a pleasure to have shared our journey in your capable hands”.
Adrian & Jennie B. from Barbados, spent 3days on their Best of Slovakia Tour.

Family History Tour, 30 March – 3 April 2010
2010-04-12 / PETER G., HOLLY N. / USA

Dear Peter,
Peter and I thank you for your help in making our recent “trip into the past” a most memorable visit to Slovakia. All of us had a remarkable time. Without you and Dagmar our trip would not have been so successful.
Best wishes to you and your family. We look forward to hearing of the birth of your new son. You may use us as references for future clients. Regards from us all. Ann G. Email from Holly Nelson(daugter of Peter & Ann G.)
Hi Peter: I am so sorry it has taken me nearly a week to respond to your email. The kids were still home from school last week and it was crazy trying to get back into the swing of things! I have written about the trip and have sent it to many of my friends.
They all think it is absolutely amazing what we found in Slovakia. I have you to thank for this! Because of you and Dagmar and your persistence, we were able to connect with Anna in the mountains and Olga in Breclav – and let’s not forget the Monkey Bar in Trnava!

This trip was so meaningful to my entire family.
Aside from that, you were an absolute pleasure to work with from the moment I first contacted you.
You were very responsive and flexible. You are a wonderful driver! I cannot believe how many hours you put in behind the wheel! It is because of you that our accommodations were so great, our travel was so easy and our meals were so good! You live in a wonderful country and I cannot wait to visit again! I look forward to seeing your pictures. Also, let me know what you learn about the cemetery in Cadca…did that document say anything? In the meantime, how is Jane? Has she had the baby yet? Please do send me an update and photos when they are available.
All the best, always, Holly Peter & Ann Gershanov, with their daughters Holly & Ellen, husbands Norm and Jeff, kids Sara & Josh, nephews Adam & Joe spent 5 days in Slovakia on their family roots tailor-made holiday.

We have been searching for two most important points of interests – winery “Veritas”, once owned by Peter’s father in Trnava and a house in Brezova Pod Bradlom where Peter stayed some months during the World War II.

Additional information:
Driver-guide: Peter B. + Dagmar B.

2007 – 2010

Honeymoon Tour in Slovakia, 6-14 October 2009

“Dear Peter, sorry that it took so long for us to give you some feedback. I know that Mike wants to share his thoughts with you as well, but I can say for both of us that we had a wonderful honeymoon!

There were so many highlights, but I guess if I had to narrow it down, my favorite experiences were:

1) The Tokaj wine cellar – It was a special treat to have the private tasting with the wine maker and the atmosphere and wines were unlike anything we have ever experienced.
2) The cable car/chair lift in the Tatras – The view from the top was breathtaking and it was so interesting to be above the clouds (and rain).
3) Trying on costumes in Banska Bystrica – It was so nice of the shop owner to dress us up in the traditional Polomka costumes. That was very special!
4) Slovensky Grob – We were so glad that we fit in the lunch there. We have never tried goose and it was delicious!
5) Modra – We loved the pottery factory tour because of the history and also because of the opportunity to bring home some great souvenirs.
6) The mine tour at Banska Stiavnica – That was a unique experience! Those were my most favorite moments. Of course, there were so many great moments and places. All of our meals were phenomenal, especially at Slovensky Grob and at U Richtara in Modra. Our hotels were all wonderful, especially Zlaty Dukat and Marroll’s.

You really made our honeymoon special by getting us all of the hotel upgrades! Some of those suites were incredible!

Overall, you took such great care of us.

You are so knowledgeable and you were always trying your best to make our vacation special! I don’t think we would have changed a thing except maybe the weather and we also would have liked to stay a bit longer!

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so special!”
Leah from Rochester, USA wrote on October 23, 2009.

Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Our first HoneyMoon Tour in Slovakia

Austria-Slovakia Tour, 8-18 September 2009
2009-09-24 / HELENA C. / NSW, AUSTRALIA

“Dear Peter, thank you for your email. We arrived home last night and the weather here is just like it was in Slovakia — 23degrees and sunny.

We truly had a great time on your tour and only wished we had another week to do more. You must not say that you are ashamed that Slovakia does not have such hotels like the Mandarin Oriental in Prague! On the contrary, the standard of 3 and 4 star hotels are better than the 3 and 4 star hotels in France, Germany, UK or rest of Europe. Prague is a beautiful city of course but the beautiful cities and villages we saw in Slovakia were amazing too. Slovakia also has the most friendly and service-oriented people (except for the few who did not smile in the mornings in one hotel!) Please don’t think that we did not like the Marrols in Bratislava, we liked it very much and would stay there again, only in a larger room. It really did not matter as it was for just one night.

Bob says to thank you for taking him on those walks and will want to do more walks in Steiermark next time.
He also says to thank you for finding him those good gyms, and hope that his dietary demands were not too bad for you to handle! But I am glad that you are now trying to change your diet too!”
Helena from Australia

Driver-guide: Peter B.

Self-guided Tour in Slovakia, August 2009
2009-08-11 / DUSAN LIPENSKY / USA

Dear Peter,
my wife and I would like to thank you for our Slovakia and Hungary tour. We decided to do our own driving in Slovakia. After touring the Bratislava area, we drove to the Tatra mountains. We were lucky that the weather allowed us to take the cable car up on to mountain.
On our way back, at your suggestion, we stopped at a reconstructed centuries old village. Then it was time to take the hydrofoil boat from Bratislava to Budapest; it was a very interesting way to travel.
After touring Budapest, we finished back at Bratislava.

We realize this was a very complicated tour for you to arrange and you did a marvelous job.

We have never had such personal service; you took very good care of us.” Dusan Lipensky” both from USA wrote on August 11, 2009.

Additional information:
Self-guided tour with our car

Grand Tour of Slovakia, 2-14 July 2009
2009-07-24 / MICHAEL T. / NEW YORK, USA

Dear Peter,
it’s hard to believe that a week has passed since I arrived home after my FANTASTIC tour of Slovakia. You put together an incredible itinerary. It was all that I was hoping for and more! You proved to be not only a GREAT and KNOWLEDGEABLE guide, but also by the end of the trip a good friend (a good mate as you say in your British English ).

Slovakia is a hidden gem in the heart of Europe, and it’s a shame more people don’t know about it! Their loss was my gain, since I had many incredible middle-aged towns and villages all to myself!.. I especially liked Kosice, Budejar, Banska Bystrica, Nitra and Bratislava too. Thanks for your patience when it came to my picture taking. I have over 1300 photos to sort through. That will keep me busy.

The hotels were great. Most were right in the heart of the Old Towns, so it was nice to be able to walk around in the evenings. I also appreciated your upgrading me (at no charge) to the other hotel in Kosice when you found out the original hotel did not have working airconditioning.

The food was amazing…every restaurant you suggested was a gastronomical delight. Some of the best potato pancakes I ever had. Even with all the walking and castle climbing we did, I managed to put on a few pounds! I really had a great time and am telling everyone to consider a trip to Slovakia, and to BOOK WITH YOU.

Your company is one of the most PROFESSIONAL and ACCOMODATING I have worked with, and as you know, I have been around quite a bit. I had fun watching you as well, when it came to some of the “first time” events for you. I think we both learned a lot about Slovakia on this trip!

Thank you so much. Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me with any questions or concerns.
Looking forward to seeing you in the future here in New york, back in Slovakia, or on a beach in the Dominican Republic….. Regards to Jane and Jacob…..
Your Friend….Michael from USA wrote on July 21, 2009.

Best of Slovakia Tour, 23-29 May 2009
2009-06-06 / THOMAS & NATALIE / USA

Peter,Natalie and I enjoyed our “Best of Slovakia” trip. We enjoyed the fact that we were sitting back in the car (sometimes sleeping) while you were driving us to carefully selected sites.

We appreciated almost all of the sites and the trip fulfilled most of our expectations. We loved of course the walk in Bratislava, the castles of Trencin, Bojnice and Spis and most of all the Tatra mountains. We liked Banska Bystrica.
We thought that three hotels were exceptional: the Radisson in Bratislava, the Grand Hotel Praha in Tatra Mountains and the Amarys pension in Banska Bystrica. We enjoyed the rafting portion of the trip (even if was a bit too long).”
Thomas and Natalie

Half-Day Trip – BobSleighing, 10 May 2009
2009-05-12 / SHARON MUNRON / UK

“Had a fantastic time bobsleighing. What good fun & our guide was great giving us the heads up on whats hip in Bratislava town. The places to go & types of music. We wish we had booked up more activities..”
Sharon Munron from London wrote on May 10, 2009.
She and her 4 friends spent an afternoon with bob sleighing in Bratislava.

Day Trip to Austria – Skiing, 20 March 2009
2009-03-22 / DEMISSIE / LONDON, UK

“Hi Peter. Skiing was excellent ! the day trip to Semmering was a big success. thanks, Demissie.” He and his 7 mates spent a day trip in Semmering

Transfer services, 17 March 2009

“Dobry den p. Blazicek, chcela som sa Vam len podakovat za dnesnu realizaciu prepravy….vsetko bolo super nacasovane a samozrejme nasi hostia boli velmi spokojni.
V blizkej buducnosti Vas budem urcite kontaktovat pri zabezpecovani prepravy dalsich nasich hosti. Prijemny zvysok dna ” napisala Zuzana z IT company, Slovensko.

Cycling Tour in Slovakia, 18-27 September
2008-10-10 / DAVID & LINDA M. / CANADA

“Dear Peter …many thx for your organizational skills regarding our trip to Europe!!! We very much appreciated your guiding skills during the Saturday …the castle was grand and the “boarchuk” drink was most interesting!!!! Hope all is well …take care!!!.”

David & Linda M. from Canada wrote on October 10, 2008. This couple spent 9 days on Prague(Czech republic) – Bratislava(Slovakia) – Budapest(Hungary) sightseeing & cycling tour, tailor-made

Best of Slovakia Tour, 28 AUG – 5 SEP 2008
2008-09-12 / RUSS & JEAN D. / USA

” Peter, thanks for a wonderful trip and showing us your beautiful country.
We wish you the best.”
Warm regards. Russ & Jean D.

“Thanks again for a lovely trip. I could not have expected better. I have been trying to continue my search for my grandmother and still am not sure I have the right woman because the names off the ships’ registries don’t match the town, Trencin. I will not give up. I hope work goes well for you. Wanda”.

Wanda M. from Ohio, USA wrote on July 30, 2008. She with her sister went for a day trip to Trencin. We picked them up in Vienna, made a day-trip and drove back to Vienna. Firstly to Hotel Sacher to try a MUST while you are in Vienna – Sacher Torte (cake) & Wiener Kaffee (Viennese coffee), then to their hotel.

Self-guided Tour in Slovakia, 14-30 May 2008

“Hello Peter, Sorry we didn’t get straight back to you. We have been home in Australia for two weeks and back to work. Our holiday has been absolutely fantastic, all of it. We wanted to thank you again for your help.
Having booked something on the internet you are always a little uncertain about what will happen when you actually arrive at your destination but with you we were more than happy. Picking us up at Vienna Airport with cold drinks in the frig was certainly unexpected and very much appreciated.

All our dealing with you by email and when we met were always as promised. Your offer to do individual holidays was certainly something we will remember when we come back to Slovakia again.

We are happy for you to use us for any testimonials you might like to include in your advertising. With your permission I will forward your details to our travel agent as we are very happy to recommend you to anyone wanting to travel in Slovakia.

Thank you again Peter for your prompt and excellent assistance. It certainly made our holiday so much more enjoyable with the vehicle we hired from you and your help. Kinda regards, Nadene and Steve M., Australia”
wrote Nadene on July 21, 2008

Day Trip to Vienna, 8 July 2008
2008-07-09 / ROSEMARY / USA

Dear Peter, would like to thank you for organizing such a lovely day trip to Vienna. We enjoyed the day very much, especially Schonnbrunn palace & its interior. Well organized. Thank you”.
Rosemary from USA wrote on July 9, 2008. She & her family had a day trip in Vienna & Schonnbrunn palace, Austria.

VIP Driver services, 2008
2008-07-02 / AMAR P. / INDIA

“Dear Peter, the service was absolutely great and would thank you in particular for your very courteous manners and the excellent service.
Thanks for taking such a good care of us during our visit to Bratislava and Vienna and hope to be back soon and use your services. Warm regards /Amar P.”

Amar P. from TKM Global Gmbh wrote on July 02, 2008. He hired Mercedes Benz Vito with a driver for him and his three colleagues during the visit in Bratislava & Vienna for UEFA 2008 championship.

Tailormade Tour – Slovakia + Poland, 21-29 September 2007
2007-10-25 / PAT / PENNSYLVANIA, USA

” Hi Peter, we wanted to again THANK YOU for a wonderful, wonderful trip. We were all very happy with everything about it.
Don’t be surprised if you hear from more people from Pennsylvania and North Carolina. People are asking about you and I’m giving out your website. Hope all is well.”
Pat from Pennsylvania wrote on October 25, 2007. She & her family took a part on Slovakia-Poland tour & family roots searching tour.

Joseph U. & his family – Jamnik, Slovakia
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek

Tailormade Tour in Slovakia, 24 July – 1 August 2007
2007-08-31 / DIANE M. / CANADA

” Thanks again for a memorable vacation – it is one that we will never forget and hopefully our paths will cross again some day.”

Diane from Canada wrote on August 31, 2007

Driver-guide: Peter B.
Group of 4

Short Trip of Slovakia, 7-11 June 2007
2007-06-15 / LORI B. / PENNSYLVANIA, USA

“Hi Peter, I think the trip went well. We probably could have used one more day. (In Slovakia) Everything went as I expected it to, even better I think. It was nice to accomodate us for the wedding.
You as a translator were very good and a very important part of the trip. We would have not enjoyed the wedding or the visit with the family if we did not have a translator.

Thank you!! All of the accomodations were satisfactory and even some very nice, everyone liked the pension in Bojnice.
The itinerary was pretty good but another day would have been more relaxing I think. Although I really did not expect much relaxing as we we were moving around quite a bit to see as much as possible. I like the town of Bardejov and I think others traveling from the US would also like to visit this town.”
Lori from Pennsylvania wrote on June 15, 2007”

Additional information:
Our very first tour around Slovakia
Driver-guide: Peter Blazicek
Group of 5

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